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Olympic athletes of Macao "half day tour" – National Olympic tourism channel elite delegation came to the famous tourist city of Macao, will also come to a "day"? The answer is only able to steal the day "". In the tight schedule, the delegation did not forget to do, to the famous world heritage sites in Macao, the ruins of fort a visit, and visit the Macao museum. While the Olympic elite managed to relax, while the vow of sitting on the bench fans. So, the feeling of joy, and moved to the. The 85 year old big old fans at the age of 85, the people of Macao Lu gentleman that 30 morning at about 10, the Olympic athletes who want to visit the ruins and the fort, in advance for more than two hours to the scene to wait. Lu Lao said that he is a big fan of women, from late 70s and 80s to Lang Ping in the national team when the players when it has been concerned about women’s volleyball match, until now she led the national team again won the Olympic champion. Especially this year’s final super exciting, is very tight, the players look with a seamless heavenly robe he was very excited. "I used to play every game, but now I’m old and I can’t wait for the night to watch a few games." He said. The reporter then asked, you are so old, when the camera is certainly not as good as the young people can occupy a good position, in case of a bad photo shoot or not it is not a pity? Lu Lao replied with a smile, the real fans do not care not to shoot photos. "Get the best, can be taken as a souvenir; can not take a long look at them, but also very happy. You’ll be happy only." He said. The idol is also "chowhound" delegation from the ruins of went to the next big Fort Park, many athletes in the park on the wall overlooking the city of Macao, or in Fort Duokou a. At the entrance to the park fans can only take pictures, or shouting the name of the players waiting for good luck. At this time, because the morning to participate in the exchange activities and the late Fu Yuanhui suddenly came out from the entrance. Fans shouted: "Fu Yuanhui, here, come here! We love you!" Fu Yuanhui hurried over. Asked about the impression of Macao, first came to Macao, she said: "Macao house is pretty good, I see what to eat now, eat a Egg Tart, also want to eat more snacks, but no time." She also said that the next time they will come to play. The other night was Zhu Ting, and she was caught by the fans". Before the Chinese women’s volleyball team has several times to participate in the women’s Volleyball Grand Prix in Macao, which is the fourth time to come to Macao Zhu ting. In her eyes, Macao is a "slow paced, very comfortable" place. When asked what kind of impression of Macao, Zhu Ting said: want to drink milk tea, milk is sometimes more concentrated flavor, and sometimes more concentrated tea flavor." The reporter instantly becomes the "fans" on the morning of 30 delegation activities, Macao local and surrounding areas of the stampede in the media. The waiting time, some Cantonese speaking reporters also temporary "help", learn Mandarin name) to athletes.相关的主题文章:

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