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Occupation at fake people shopping website – the rule of Law — people.com.cn recently, the "Regulations" the implementation of consumer protection law (Draft) end of the public comment, the bill again attracted people’s attention to the fake occupation. According to some related occupation fake people’s court hearing the case in recent years, BYD reporters found that, although still controversial, but the occupation of fake people gradually showing a group of specialized trends, litigation content began to have a fixed pattern, and the emergence of specialized Internet fake online shopping fake people occupation". Fangshan year 23 food rights case involving occupation dummies playing the "Regulations" in 2014, the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of food and drug law disputes began, which stipulates that "the dispute because of the quality of food and medicines, buyers claim the rights to the producers and sellers, producers and sellers to buyers that food and medicine the existence of quality problems and still buy the grounds of defense, the people’s court shall not support." This means that in the field of food and drug, "occupation fake people can claim the rights," consumers "identity will no longer be claimed, they also come to the stage from behind the scenes. Previously, in many cases involving occupation fake people, accused merchants almost always stressed that the other side is "occupation fake people, not the reason for consumers. With the occupation fake people legally recognized, involving fake people occupation cases increased significantly. Even in a court trial involving food consumer rights litigation is all about fake occupation. Fangshan court in Beijing as an example, from October 2015 to early September 2016 this year, Fangshan courts accepted consumer rights disputes involving food and 23 cases, the 23 cases are all related to occupation fake people. How to confirm the occupation fake identity, it is understood that in the course of time, sometimes the judge will ask prosecutors is not occupation fake people, sometimes the businesses will be asked, and occupation fake people usually direct recognition of their identity, and even sometimes don’t need to ask them will take the initiative to speak out. Who often participate in this kind of case trial said, in fact, people are very easy to identify fake occupation, "number of court’s high frequency, buy a commodity." According to the Fangshan court judge introduced, they found in the trial, a dummy occupation is different from the general consumers, they have considerable professional knowledge, the purpose is very clear, is through the legal benefit of punitive damages. In the process, people involved in the purchase of fake occupation goods, will first report to the departments of administrative law enforcement, administrative law enforcement departments to deal with the results after the occupation, fake people and businesses with convenient processing results negotiate compensation issues, if the negotiation fails, occupation fake people will serve as facts or evidence filed a civil lawsuit for damages. Occupation is professional fake people have master fake domestic occupation fake people the earliest can be traced back to about 1994, the year promulgated the "consumer protection law" has a "back)相关的主题文章:

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