Network transmission 28 Chongqing strong cooling raid So did the weather experts (video) wegener肉芽肿

Network transmission 28 Chongqing strong cooling raid? Weather experts said the evening of 28 or 29, since the second half of the strongest cold air will affect most areas in china. The next two days, accompanied by strong winds, heavy air temperature 6 to 12 DEG C, kiss, take care of." September 27th, this is to remind the news spread through the circle of friends. Whether true? This weather experts said the rumor, completely impossible. Is expected in the next three days, the rain will gradually withdraw from the country, the temperature picked up every day. During the national day weather, meteorological observatory will be officially released in 29, please pay attention to the public. As of 27 May 16, Chongqing local temperature fluctuated between 18 to 31 degrees Celsius, the highest in Xiushan, 30.3 C, 17.1 C the lowest in Chengkou. The main city of the day the highest temperature appeared at 15 points, reaching a temperature of 27.3 degrees, the weather than the day before yesterday, 23.4 degrees, picked up the temperature of 3.9 degrees. For users to forward the strongest Cool News, weather experts rumor, from the latest meteorological data, the next three days, rain will gradually weaken the city stopped, will slowly turn cloudy, no rain interruptions, temperatures will rise gradually, such as 28, the highest is 26 DEG C, on 29 to 29 DEG C, 30 to 32 degrees. While the main city will not be very hot, the maximum does not exceed 29 degrees C. Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau said that if the weather message will appear in the late cooling significantly, the municipal meteorological station by 96121, 12121, @ China weather, the weather in Chongqing, the official WeChat electronic display terminal released in advance. The next three days, I still wet weather, the weather experts remind, affected by continuous rainfall, geological disasters of higher level in eastern area of our city, the relevant area on steep slopes, Cliff Road, river valley should pay attention to strengthening the monitoring of landslides and other disasters. In addition, the wet weather, some moldy items need to pay attention to properly preserved, with moisture and mildew. Specific forecast is as follows: 28 days: in the central and western regions of the cloudy day intermittent rain, the rest of the cloudy. Temperature: 16 ~ 26. The main city has sporadic light rain, 22 ~ 26 C. 29 day: cloudy or cloudy in most areas, the western part of sporadic light rain. The temperature region: 18 ~ 29 degrees, Chengkou and southeastern regions: 15 to 29 DEG C. The main city of Yin, 21-25. 30 day: most areas overcast or cloudy cloudy, some parts of the Western sporadic rain. Large areas of temperature 18 to 32 DEG C, and Chengkou southeast of 15 to 29 DEG C. The main city cloudy, 28 ~ 21. (upstream News – Chongqing morning news video) for further reading, not related with the large-scale cooling raid on Jilin will welcome the local people behind the winter snow相关的主题文章:

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