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The negative ion end is not pseudo science – technology Sohu now many products are in the publicity mentioned in the negative ion, negative ion is said to have great health benefits, some people say, negative ion only businesses to promote and create pseudo science. So what is the negative ion? In fact, the negative ion in life is not a strange matter, we know that the main components of air is nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen accounted for 78%, accounting for 21%, which accounted for 0.03% of carbon dioxide, nitrogen free electron affinity for oxygen and carbon dioxide, only have an affinity for electrons, but the oxygen content is the CO2 content of the times, therefore, the negative ions in the air generated by the vast majority of air negative oxygen ion, negative ion oxygen molecules in the air with the free electrons and the formation of the discharge phenomenon, the nature of the photoelectric effect, fountain, waterfall all can make the surrounding air ionization, negative ion formation. The infinite nature of the human began to study the negative ions, the beginning of the 20th century, the German physicist Dr. Philip. lionad for the first time in an academic journal on the role of negative oxygen ions on the human body. He proposed that the presence of negative oxygen ions in the natural environment is beneficial to human health, and points out that the most negative oxygen ion content is around the valley falls. In 2005, Asamas et al. Confirmed the biological significance of air ions through a number of experiments. In 2009, the Russian scholars first published the use of negative oxygen ions in the treatment of diseases. (German physicist Philip. lionad) since then, the scientific community for the study of negative ions not only stay in that level, scientists have conducted in-depth study of negative ions and found negative ions on the human body is good, in the 1970s, Germany Dissuader created the atmosphere of positive and negative ions (negative oxygen ion) biological research, formed a negative ion (negative oxygen ion) first research climax of biological effects, there are hundreds of papers, research and experiment report, proved that the negative ion (negative oxygen ions) are obviously useful for use on the human body. It was not until the middle of the 19th century that Professor A.P.Kragan of the University of California in the United States and his research team created a microscopic study of the biological effects of ions. The study of negative ions (negative oxygen ions) to the second development and use of high tide. Professor Kragan has done a lot of experiments on animals, plants and human beings. It is found that the negative oxygen ions have the function of prolonging the life span of 13. And from the body’s endocrine and internal circulation and the formation of a variety of enzymes and other aspects to prove how negative ions affect the human body and animals and plants. Many researchers in the world have carried out the above experiments on the basis of their own research, and concluded that negative oxygen ions have obvious biological effects. So what are the benefits of negative ions on the human body? 1 Effects on the nervous system: enhanced neural inhibition process of negative ions in the air, can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activity to strengthen the spirits, work efficiency, quality of sleep can be improved, the promotion of human The new supersedes the old. 2, the impact on the cardiovascular system: negative ions have obvious expansion of blood vessels.相关的主题文章:

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