National day to catch a plane by train forget to bring ID card can do temporary proof (Guide) zghd

National day to catch a flight by train forgot ID   the nearest office of temporary proof (Guide) – Sichuan channel: original title: National Day to catch a flight by train forgot ID to the nearest office of temporary proof (Guide) during the trip, the most troublesome is forget to bring ID card, not only can the hotel, even the plane and the train will be affected. During the national day of our province will usher in the peak travel, if you happen to forget to take your ID card, or the original valid ID card is damaged, expired, the supposed? Don’t worry, in September 29th the Provincial Public Security Bureau police uncle has thought in front of you, the day the province announced a focus on the airport or train station for temporary machine etc. identification steps and emergency contact telephone number. The airport for temporary identification tips: for object: the nationality of People’s Republic of China passengers on domestic civil aircraft (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan): A, T1, T2 for location: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport terminal departure hall. Two, processing time: the processing time and the daily flight departure time synchronization (than the first day of outbound flights 90 minutes earlier). In case of flight delays, time synchronization postponed. Three, application materials: passengers (except for servicemen) "temporary identity", should provide the account or a driver’s license, social security card, residence permit, work permit, a letter of introduction to the public security organ, or a copy of original documents or expired ID card and passport to prove his identity, as well as two the applicant at the end of the most recent one inch photos. Unable to provide the materials, the applicant shall provide the name, ID number, domicile, home address, family relatives to staff with the airport public security organs, public security organs from the airport for on-site audit. Four, the following conditions shall not be dealt with: (a) the information of the public security organ is not consistent with the materials provided by the applicant or the photos and I can not confirm the same person. (two) active servicemen who do not provide relevant certification materials. (three) the passenger was found in the safety inspection of fraudulent use of identity card or the use of forged identity cards to the. (four) applicants are not allowed to take flight 50 minutes before departure. Five, other matters: (a) the airport public security organs for temporary identification does not charge any fees. (two) allow passengers to arrange reasonable time for the police to review the relevant materials. (three) processing consulting Tel: 028-85205311. Apply for a temporary identity card by train: railway public security organs to set up a unified public security card points, the holders of valid tickets did not carry identity documents for passengers to apply for temporary travel certificate. 24 hours ticket hotline: Chengdu 028-86450648, Mianyang 0816-8110110, Guangyuan 0839-3603936, Suining 0825-2330426, Nanchong 0817-2317533. Inter national emergency exit is urgent do immigration documents in addition to the airport, railway, in our province, the Immigration Department also announced during the holiday service. During the national day of our province Immigration Department will open "Easy Access" to meet the urgent requirements of the applicant, expedited handling out)相关的主题文章:

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