More protests erupted in the United States to protest Trump’s election as president winbook

The United States and more demonstrations broke out in protest against President Trump [the observer network] yesterday (9 days), the U.S. presidential election settled, Republican candidate Trump against the earlier people to mediate the media predicted that Hilary won the election defeat. After experiencing the most torn election in American history, voters across the country are dissatisfied with the results of the vote, took to the streets to protest against the election of Trump. The demonstrators in the trash arson, smashed glass and burning the American flag, and people were injured. California Oakland, someone in the street garbage incineration protest Trump was elected to the Portland college students in burning the American flag Trump building entrance, there are people gathered burning stars according to the "Daily Mail" reported on 9, the supporters of Hilary Trump cannot accept the "accidental" election results gathered in protest outside the white house. There are protesters holding Trump is a racist!" The protest, some people hold high "welcome to hell," the card, claiming that the Trump administration will make the United States into hell. Trump supporters gathered outside the white house. A supporter of the Democratic party. Hilary and Trump supporters clashed outside the white house according to RT reports, hundreds of people in New York Fifth Avenue demonstrations, moving to the Trump building. Fifth Avenue has been paralyzed, the police dispatched at the same time, a number of universities in the United States held a protest rally, hundreds of college students in Oregon and California to protest against the Republican party. At University of San Francisco, hundreds of students gathered to protest against Trump. According to the British newspaper "independent" reported that at least 1500 people at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) near the parade, shouting against Trump. Reported that in California, Santiago, 500 students marched in the vicinity of the campus, abuse Trump. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that most of the demonstrations are small, but there are also ways of mild, violent protests in Oakland protests, demonstrators burning the portrait of Trump, the Oakland forum broke the news room window and burning garbage, killing at least one person injured. Oakland police said the protesters blocked traffic on 24 Avenue, and East passing vehicles to throw. The American singer Lady Gaga and some supporters in the early hours of Trump impromptu protest in front of the building. Near the Capitol Hill in Seattle, masked women protest Trump. Demonstrators protest in Seattle. More protests on the scene.相关的主题文章:

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