Men buy lottery jackpot that indulge them not to eat or drink do not work (video) p8400

Men buy lottery jackpot that indulge them not to eat or drink do not work because the woman forced to buy lottery tickets after receiving a $5 bonus check IQ, but feel that their number is the first number, it is suspicious, everyone can not stop, do not eat or drink do not work…… Lao Wang is a senior player in Benxi, insisted on buying lottery tickets has been for 14 years. Hope that their lottery jackpot, Wang is no exception. Long obsession inevitably some extreme ideas, this is not just because a lottery recently Wang family also suffer sleepless nights, and worry about bad days, desperation had to report to the police. Originally, the beginning of the October, Wang bought a lottery ticket, two days to another Duijiang lottery station, the staff told him in 5 yuan, Wang left after the expiry date. After returning home to see the winning numbers, but how to see how to feel the ticket number is this award no.. This suspicion together don’t live, Wang a night not asleep, the second day early in the morning to find the first day of the lottery lottery station. Staff after verification confirmed Wang is only 5 yuan, Lao Wang has got himself in the lottery station place obstacles in the way the grand prize of the lottery to hide the impersonator. The two sides after several negotiations were not a result, Wang chose the police. The workers police sergeant Li Yongquan immediately with the police began the investigation, after repeated inquiries, the police learned that Wang was in his tickets behind wrote his name. With this clue, Li Yongquan repeatedly coordination of provincial and municipal lottery center, the transfer of a large number of video viewing, Wang determined to buy lottery tickets not in the grand prix. I really want to find out, Pharaoh’s heart knot untied, life has returned to normal. Pharaoh’s wife told police: "although he did not hit the jackpot, but I won the jackpot but also happy, without your help, my Lao Wang completely" Crazy ", these days have been buchibuhe suspicious, do not work, are you saving my family……"相关的主题文章:

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