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Melbourne train trip – Sohu travel my trip to Australia, attended by the Melbourne – the Great Wall travel arrangements very fun: Melbourne Danninong Mountain steam train travel manual, "puffing Billy steam train is one of Australia’s oldest steam train. In the beginning of the formal operation, was mainly used in remote areas of transport. A landslide year, so that the railway is damaged and stop management. In the year, and the state government sponsored folk, began to repair roads and landslides, in years, will be restored to the opening section of lakeside, the total length of kilometers. In 2012, Emma, if the board (Emerald tourist railway) formally took over from the state government, making it a tourist train". From the foot of the hill farm monobutyl Belgrave steam train, wandering in the agricultural monobutyl forests, one-way about an hour. Every morning the first class of steam drive train is burning coal, steam, white around the treetops rising, it’s a fairy tale that. The train turned one after another, the scenery is very beautiful. The train stops at each station are along the Xi British countryside station style, give visitors a tranquil and quiet feeling. The staff here are mostly volunteer, volunteer work here, they wear uniforms when the railway workers look like back to the ancient times. The design features of lucky and lovely Australia kids peer puffing Billy steam train, visitors can sit in the car window above the head out of the window, two legs in the air Teng swinging leisurely, very fun, especially for young people and children, the play can be said to be a new experience. Steam train and train our modern appearance is not what special, but from time to time, we will see that the white steam will emerge from the front, rising in the jungle, a very nostalgic, fairy tale special meaning. The principle is to use the steam train powered by coal, coal to boil water, make water into steam, which drives the piston, the train running. Because of the burning of coal, the front will produce a lot of smoke, has not completely burned coal fly back and forth, spread into the air, the first few cars into the hardest hit. But no one cares about this, we are very excited, intoxicated in this ancient and strange way of traveling. And the train speed is not fast, from time to time with our vehicle racing together bridle to bridle. Every time or train through the crossing, drivers or pedestrians will be and we waved, we are enthusiastic response, a warm and friendly atmosphere. After about minutes after the train stops at the station, Min Zhixi (Menzies Creek) this is the largest station just across the board, Bell Grey (Belgrave) station and end point station (Lakeside) in the middle of the lake. In the rear of the station there is a steam train Museum (Steam Train Museum), the museum has collected in Australia and Europe in the early steam locomotives, cars and steam engines.相关的主题文章:

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