MBA examination analysis of 3 major causes of failure for Mathematics christie stevens

MBA examination: analysis of 3 major causes of mathematics test in MBA examination plays a decisive role in the defeat of mathematics, so what are the main reasons lead to the failure of mathematics? (1) the memory of basic knowledge is not clear and accurate. Because of the long-term contact, not less, require candidates to accurately recall some basic concepts in mathematics and many formulas and rules, theorem does have some strong. Judging from the recent statistical data, the paper reveals the basic knowledge is not solid problem is quite serious. (2) basic skills are not good enough. The basic method of mathematical formula is not well controlled, unfamiliar, basic mathematical ability has been reduced to a very low level, slow solving speed, do time-consuming and low accuracy, the share of the deal, resulting in unnecessary loss. (3) the computing power is not strong. Mathematical operations including concept, judgment, reasoning, formula using mathematical methods such as a series of knowledge and skills of the application, from the previous examination of the situation, the paper on the operational mistakes too many reasons can be concluded as follows: the use of improper methods, the calculation is not careful, the ability of recognition, wrong operation the judgment of the difference. The problem solving thinking is correct, but the calculation method is correct errors, are not in the title score, very sad. Operation is the main task of mathematics, it is actually a kind of comprehensive ability, some questions, only on the basis of the title and set the conditions with the correct analysis and reasoning, in order to find the most ingenious solution is simple and reasonable, it is bound to avoid a large number of tedious deduction and blind calculation, thereby reducing the low computational error rate.相关的主题文章:

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