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The maternal power, study means children inherited from the mother – Sohu technology [Technews science news] mother is pregnant in October, to the child also is greater than the father, especially iq. A new study has found that the X chromosome has an IQ gene, because women have two X chromosomes, only one male, so the child’s IQ genes are likely to come from the mother. In addition, the genetic function of the cognitive function of the father may automatically shut down. The British newspaper the independent newspaper (The Indenpent) broke a comprehensive study on Psychology Spot pointed out that in many training can be classified as gene (conditioned genes), some genes are maternally inherited from in to work, some are restricted from male genetic and IQ is considered to be one, a must from the mother to the operation of the gene. The research in the laboratory is the use of genetic modified mouse, mouse head and brain to be more mother gene dosage is bigger, but the body is relatively small, but was given to mice more smaller father gene, the body is relatively large. Researchers in various cognitive control diet to memory of rat brain in six block, found the mother or father father gene cells, cells accumulated in the fund, such as food, relates to the invasion of the limbic system, but did not find any father in the cerebral cortex by cells, the cerebral cortex is an important cognitive function such as control area reasoning, thinking, language, plan. The mother’s genetic cells directly into the cerebral cortex. Taking into account the human and mouse, the researchers to explore more human intelligence, found that the inference mice were also demonstrable in humans, they were from the beginning of 1994, the access of young people aged 14-22 year, altogether visited 12686, remove the education level and social economic status, found that IQ still inherited from the mother. But the researchers stressed that the genetic probability of only 40-60%, the other from environmental factors. But mothers also play an important role in the non genetic part, and some studies have found a close relationship between mothers and children. University of Washington study found that the mother and the child’s emotional link is an important factor in the process of the development of the brain, the researchers spent 7 years observation, mother’s emotional support and mental needs are met children at the age of 13 in the hippocampus than no mother in the side of the children of the big 10%, the hippocampus is associated with memory and learning control pressure response area. With strong links to the mother, will give children more sense of security, allowing them to explore the world, and solve the problem of confidence, in addition, have confidence, conscientious mother will help children to solve problems, to help them to further potential. Now I don’t know why my dad doesn’t like mothers play a parenting role, but the study authors feature other genes, such as intuition and emotional insight, may be inherited from the father, and these traits will become the key to unlock the intellectual potential. The first figure (source: Flickr news相关的主题文章:

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