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Market survey of real estate credit financing channels tightened: buy the money in penetrating investigation – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke net?? to?? August 31st credit limit policy (a suite or a suite of loans not repaid, then buy Shoufu ratio 40%; more than two sets of loans) Taiwan after the September market. The average daily turnover from 856 in August dropped to 669. In October 2nd the credit limit restriction policy (non Wuhan household purchase two sets, only the first set of loans after the introduction of the October 4th solstice), Wuhan, average daily turnover of 270 units, of which Wuchang district for four consecutive days of zero turnover. ? how high is the leverage of real estate companies? Twenty-first Century economic news reporter obtained from the Shanghai banking industry data show that 1-8 months, the national real estate development investment funds, the company’s own funds accounted for only less than 15%. ?? Housing bonds, bank loans and off balance sheet financing, coupled with the back end of the purchase of personal mortgage, hold up the entire real estate enterprises highly leveraged capital chain. Obviously, the decision-making and regulatory authorities have been concerned about the phenomenon, and action. Throughout the relevant risks have been investigated, the central and local multi pronged, real estate asset bubble will be suppressed. The credit limit policy effect is obvious???? since the end of March this year, Shanghai implementation of the "Shanghai nine" real estate deal, the decline in Shanghai mortgage growth for four consecutive months, 6-9 months of individual housing loans increased 33 billion 500 million yuan, 22 billion 900 million yuan, 21 billion yuan and 20 billion 400 million yuan. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter obtained from the banking sector in Shanghai data, as of the end of 9, the balance of personal loans in Shanghai grew by over 40%, new loans accounted for more than half of all new loans. If you count on and all retail loans, and real estate directly or indirectly related loans accounted for about 40%. ?? In addition, twenty-first Century economic report reporter from the Hubei Province bank insiders Department data show that as of the end of the three quarter, Hubei province banking new housing mortgage loans about 150000000000 yuan, accounting for over 30% of all new loans. ?? "Once the real estate market callback, some buy high, or leverage added heavily by homeowners repayment willingness may decline." Wuhan, a local stock bank customer manager said. ?? Shanghai retail banking executives line provides such a set of statistics from the twenty-first Century economic report reporter: Shanghai, the first three quarters of the loans, the average single Yishoufang loans amounted to 2 million 580 thousand yuan, up 70% over 2014, 20% higher than in 2015. ?? "Prior to the March real estate mortgage new deal, really loose", the Shanghai bank executives said, according to the new requirements of the Banking Bureau of Shanghai, the more frequent revenue transparency and low income fluctuations, the borrower property changes due to various reasons, to a more rigorous examination of the expenditure and repayment to ensure the income of individual housing loan threshold is not reduced. ?? According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, since October, the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau and the central bank Shanghai headquarters has convened a meeting bank stressed that strict control of the real estate credit risk, some banks did raise loan threshold. "Within six months, we will be very careful;相关的主题文章:

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