Many departments jointly issued a document to the campus psychological counseling can curb violence

Many departments jointly issued a document to the campus psychological counseling can curb violence sword campus violence – Beijing, Beijing November 15th New Media News (reporter Shao Luwen) recently, the Ministry of education, the central comprehensive management office and other nine departments jointly issued the "guidance" on students’ prevention of bullying and violence, to prevent and punish violence behavior norms. The opinions highlights a lot, not only to prevent the protection mechanism of campus violence has put forward new ideas, mental health education in the students, guardian responsibilities and other aspects also have a clear statement. Relevant experts and some parents think, some of the measures proposed to be targeted, the problem of campus violence to both temporary and permanent cure, looking forward to the relevant measures to be implemented as soon as possible. Parents accountable, psychological counseling, opinions highlights many reporters noted that this guidance on the issue of mental health students have more specific requirements. In the psychological health education of students, the "opinions" was first proposed to strengthen students’ Ideological and moral education and legal education, to guide students to know etiquette, that is, to cherish life, respect for others, Chinese traditional virtues. For students suffering from bullying and violence, requiring schools to carry out psychological counseling in a timely manner to help students as soon as possible out of the psychological shadow, return to normal learning life. In the campus on the notification of violence, not only to play the role of warning education, but also do not exaggerate the details of the event, to avoid causing harm to the students two. In addition, the implementation of bullying and violence of the students, the "opinions" also proposed to carry out appropriate psychological counseling, in accordance with the law to take appropriate measures to correct the education punishment at the same time, also to achieve true love, sincere help, pay attention to students’ inner psychological effect, from the existing students’ inner is the problem. In addition to the students’ punishment and education, the "opinions" to strengthen the accountability system for parents, child rearing is emphasized statutory guardianship parents, guide the parents to enhance the legal awareness, timely understanding of daily performance and ideological status of children. If a minor student causes damage to the person or property of another person, he shall, according to the civil law and other relevant laws and regulations, investigate the legal liability of the guardian in accordance with the law. Parents Ms. Ji told reporters that the child’s problem is also a problem for parents, parents accountable for parents to pay more attention to the child’s education and daily supervision. Usually only concerned about their children’s achievements, and now the provisions of the higher requirements of parents, and teachers should also be more exchanges, pay attention to the child’s daily performance." Ms. Ji said. Experts suggest that the "cure" for the implementation of the most worthy of the "opinions" of the introduction, some experts pointed out that the punishment on campus violence, psychological counseling for students involved is far more important than punishment, at present many incidents of school violence in mental education students are lack of serious, can implement the "" the relevant requirements of the students’ psychological education, is the key to prevent school violence. Reporters observed that only in the last two months, more than a few incidents of school violence occurred, the school counseling for someone who has a certain lack of counseling. In September, a video called "Gansu Dingxi trade and industry school violence" video"相关的主题文章:

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