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Long temporary dominance index should see more than move the main index – Wang Zhuying told reporters yesterday the two stock markets continued to show the situation of turmoil, lack of focus, trading volume continued downturn trend. The performance is stronger than the stock index futures positions, IF and IH showed a net long pattern, but IC still showed a net short pattern. Analysts pointed out that the Fed does not raise interest rates this month is the probability of the event, there is still a certain market is expected to rebound in energy, but the mentality of the market vulnerable to overseas influence, in the current confusion situation, the lack of market dominant power, investors still see more than move is appropriate. Bulls dominated the market closed up slightly on Wednesday, but the whole day to maintain a narrow range of shocks. The index, IF1610 rose 0.75%, to close at 3236.6 points, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index rose 0.28%; IH1610 was up 0.29% at 2176.6 points, the SSE 50 index rose 0.13%, IC1610 rose 0.51% to close at 6248.2 points. "The market does not continue the strong rebound pattern for Monday, Monday before the gap does not seem eager to back up. Such a tangled trend is expected to exist the following reasons: first is the FOMC meeting has not ended, the market sentiment heavier; domestic macroeconomic data just released the second preference slightly, but the market still exists to pick up persistent doubts, and fears of further monetary policy easing is expected to cool the domestic market; in addition the lack of guidance the power of leading investors confused." Liu Bin, deputy director of CITIC futures investment advisory. Gold in late position data, IF1610 long before the 20 seats Zengcang 380 to 24 thousand and 300 hand hand, the top 20 short seats Zengcang 257 to 23 thousand and 800 hand in hand; the main IH1610 long Masukura 203 hand to 12 thousand and 500 hands, the main short Masukura 150 to 12 thousand and 200 hand in hand; the main IC1610 long Masukura 226 hand to 15 thousand and 500 hands, Masukura 80 hands to bear 15 thousand and 900 hand. "Look from the position, slightly more optimistic, IF and IH showed a net long pattern, in recent days long Masukura more than short, reversing the pattern of head clearance before the crash, indicating that short-term bullish strength increased. But IC is still showing a net short pattern, indicating that IC is not optimistic in the medium term." Founder medium-term futures analyst Peng Bo pointed out. Liu Bin said Wednesday the total positions continue to increase, on the one hand is Monday delivery normal after covering, on the other hand, these two days has stabilized, but the long and short of re formation of differences, it also led to the two day trend tangled. From the net position data, due on Wednesday long before the 20 seats Zengcang more than three short, so the net positions were beneficial to all concerned, IF and IH continue to maintain a net long situation, IC net short positions decreased. See more than move basis, as of yesterday’s close, IF1610 premium of 30.04 points, far month IF1703 premium 156.04 points; IH1610 premium of 10.55 points, far month IH1703 premium 58.95 points; IC1 theory相关的主题文章:

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