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Kinmen groundwater salinization? Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fuhai: Impossible – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, according to the National Taiwan University professor Luo Shanglian team pointed out that if the future of sustainable groundwater salinization in Kinmen, salinization, fear will affect the Kinmen kaoliang liquor, in this regard, Kinmen county magistrate Chen Fuhai said the evening of 25, the last two years, the water gate not fall, 2018 will be formally introduced to the mainland after the water, no more groundwater overdraft problem, said Chen Fuhai said, scholars on Kinmen groundwater salinization worries, cannot become a reality. Chen Fuhai at 7:30 last night, the county Senate invited Weng captive office director Chen Yongming Zhang Zhongmin, director of public works, tap water factory Cai Qizhao, gin company chairman Huang Jingshun, general manager of the car is made public, country and others, hoping to resolve outside of Kinmen groundwater salinization doubts. Chen Fuhai pointed out that gin is the economic lifeline of Kinmen, more high-quality groundwater is the main source of Kinmen winery, in order to let gin forever, Kinmen from all walks of life have a consensus, not pumping groundwater, in monitoring water tight, groundwater salinization situation there is no gate, the detection data are normal. The participants agreed that the scholars worried that the county will be deep self vigilance, but some "exaggerated" argument, hope that through some exact demonstration to the public. He also stressed that the beginning of 2018, after the formal introduction of water, the initial daily 15 thousand tons of tap water plant will be the existing extraction volume of 12 thousand tons daily load reduction to 2 thousand tons, reducing pumping 10 thousand tons, priority to meet the target of groundwater over pumping of.相关的主题文章:

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