Kindergarten teacher to teach you the baby’s cognitive ability – Sohu maternal incubus

The kindergarten teacher teach you children cultivate the cognitive ability of Sohu – the baby one year old mother, because climbing, standing and walking skills increasing, he can explore the environment about the room, is a small activist. His curiosity is very strong, like a geographer, seriously explore the family of "geographical environment". He wants to check every corner of the room, carefully check the details of all furniture and daily necessities. You should satisfy his curiosity, encourage his exploration activities, and praise him for every new discovery in the room". So you have to rearrange the room and eliminate any hidden dangers. For the dangerous things, rather than shouting "freeze", rather than in his reach, or immediately try to distract his attention, so as not to hurt him budding self-esteem and self-confidence. He likes the same thing as the size of the hand, can open and close, can stack, can move. You should give him a "treasure box", put 30 to 40 sorts of gadgets. In one day, the baby is often with a lot of time playing with the little things, it is not only exercise his fine motor skills by hand, for he will learn painting, writing is good, but more important is that he became familiar with the characteristics of various objects. As long as the baby hands-on, there will always be something. The relationships between things — the world’s most basic relationship of he will find, and do the world master how interesting! Language training is about one year old baby is the most imitative of the early growth period, to make full use of these valuable, most suitable for language education month, otherwise it will be fleeting. You have to talk, talk and talk to your baby. He should be taught in Mandarin with short words that are closely related to his life. These words are mainly nouns and verbs, as well as some praise or negative words. To teach him about his relatives, body, food, toys, and daily life. When he said that "the child", do not repeat it; but should be gentle tone, the formal language taught him. When the baby points to what he wants, you should encourage him to point to something while the sound, to teach him to use gestures and voice, to the last word instead of gestures. 1 year old baby has learned a lot of things, but most of them can not accurately say the name, parents often use language to emphasize the names of these items. The first is to teach children the correct identification, available picture and real practice, said that parents find baby names, pictures or real objects at the same time, let the baby to imitate these sounds, gradually to teach your baby named these items, the parents do not take pictures or real objects by name, baby. Be sure to encourage the baby to say that after the right name to give incentives to increase his interest. A general physical exercise, parents can give the baby to buy some early maps, let your baby practice cognition. Training baby can use language to express their requirements. Began to use gestures, movements (such as pulling you dry) to express their wishes, then parents insist on teaching the baby to use language:相关的主题文章:

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