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John Peng Liyuan visited the twenty-three world secret school – Politics – newspaper Lima on 21 November,     (reporter Du Shangze, Wang Hailin) 21 days morning local time, President Xi Jinping visited Mrs. Peng Liyuan John twenty-three world secret school in Lima. When Peng Liyuan arrived, the president of Peru Mrs. Lange and school principals teachers and students meet in the parking place, waving flags in the playground in Peru, welcome China vip. The student band played the Chinese classic "Jasmine". Peng Liyuan came to the nursery classroom, enjoy the children singing "good mother" and other Chinese songs. Subsequently, Peng Liyuan in the high school classroom to observe the Chinese class "the Great Wall of China", in the junior high school classroom to observe the students practice writing Chinese calligraphy "friends" two words, the students interact with each other. Peng Liyuan also watched the exhibition area paper-cut, abacus, weaving and other student talent show, praised their ingenuity. Peng Liyuan handed over to the school musical instruments, stationery, sporting goods and other items donated by the Chinese side list. Peng Liyuan said, John twenty-three world school to promote the Chinese culture, to make a positive contribution to promote the friendship. I hope the school can train more talents and welcome the children to china. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Peru, the two countries to do the better basic education for the heritage of civilization and knowledge, training the younger generation to work together. Peng Liyuan Lange enjoyed the lion dance performances, and go to the auditorium for students’ performances. The students performed the chorus and children in secret fashion show, fan dance, martial arts, music and other exciting programs. The end of the show, Peng Liyuan returned to the playground, surrounded by hundreds of students and teachers in the teaching building balcony cheering tribute to Peng Liyuan. Peng Liyuan and Lange with student representatives photo, smiled and shook hands with them farewell. John twenty-three world secret school was founded in 1962, Peru and South America is one of the representative of the Chinese school. "People’s Daily" (November 23, 2016 02 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章:

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