Jiangxi Province next year, 65 year old free of charge by bus subway, sightseeing attractions in the ricky lee neely

Jiangxi Province next year, 65 year old free of charge by the bus subway, visit the province’s attractions in province, the elderly will benefit from the Nanchang news network   in the future, there will be more elderly people enjoy social benefits. Days prior to the convening of the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the twenty-eighth meeting of the newly revised "the implementation of Jiangxi < People’s Republic of China elderly Protection Act > measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), will take effect on January 1, 2017. The "measures" to expand the elderly enjoy preferential coverage, the old people enjoy in the city transportation for free from the age of seventy years old to sixty-five years old, this move can make about 500000 elderly people benefit. The basic pension adjustment mechanism will be established, the "measures" referred to as the elderly refers to citizens over the age of sixty. Our province will establish and improve the basic old-age insurance system to protect the basic livelihood of the elderly. Provincial People’s Government in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to establish a basic pension adjustment mechanism. According to the province’s economic development, the average wage growth, rising prices, etc., to improve the level of basic old-age insurance treatment. The "measures" proposed, to enjoy the minimum living guarantee for the elderly, the elderly and the poor support eligible low-income families in the elderly in urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for individual contributions, give full subsidy by the government. For those who are unable to take care of themselves and financial difficulties in their lives for a long period of time, the people’s governments at all levels shall, according to their economic conditions and the degree of disability, give them subsidies for the purchase of their services. No ability to work, no source of income, no dependents and dependents, or their dependents, dependents, do not have the ability to support the elderly, by the Civil Affairs Department of the people’s governments at or above the county level to give poor staff support or assistance. Free bus subway to relax the age old people to elderly card or ID card or other valid certificates, enjoy the preferential treatment in the province within: priority to buy tickets, tickets, tickets, priority on ships, aircraft, priority baggage, goods, preferential take sightseeing car, scenic cable car transport etc. tools; priority for Finance, water supply, telecommunications and other services, with special difficulties, the mobility of the elderly, the relevant units shall provide special services or door-to-door service to use free of charge; public toilet; free access to the government to set up or give financial support to the park; enter the stadium, theaters and other public places of recreation and leisure style fare concessions. Sixty-five years of age or older, in addition to enjoy the preferential treatment, but also in the province to enjoy the following benefits: free access to scenic spots; free to ride the city bus, subway and light rail. The reporter noted that, previously, the provisions of the province, free to take the city bus, subway is seventy years of age or older, the age range will be relaxed, so that the elderly will benefit from the about 500000. Civil servants do not support the elderly to dispose of the "measures", the village (neighborhood) committees, elderly organizations, medical institutions, social work services, assistance management institutions, welfare institutions and the elderly subordinate units and their staff found the elderly were)相关的主题文章:

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