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IPhone 7 was left behind in Wall Street: Hardware began to lag behind Android’s mobile phone Beijing time on September 8th, Apple will hold a new conference in San Francisco. Last year, Apple’s conference is "powder", media and technology industry is a major event, but this year, all decline for the upcoming new enthusiasm, especially China the heat of the market is not as good as before. Reuters reported that in order to determine the heat of the online chat before Apple products to determine the extent of Chinese consumers expect much lower than in the past. From Sina micro-blog post situation, in 2014 with a new large screen iPhone 6 in the month before landing in China, the number of comments attracted more than 15 times higher than before the release of this year’s new product. This view also has data support. Apple 4-6 month sales in Greater China fell sharply. According to market research firm IDC statistics, Apple’s Chinese market share of 7.8%, ranking only behind the local brands HUAWEI, OPPO and Vivo, the total market share of the Chinese brands accounted for 47% of the total of three in china. Apple is no longer hot, with a lot of information about the iPhone 7 design prior to the disclosure of a great relationship. KGI securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo because of its close relationship with the Asian iPhone accessories manufacturers and assembly companies, almost can be crowned Apple leak king title. A series of Plus models before the burst of double camera, remove the headset jack design of such confidential information, he finally broke Mengliao in September 6th. He broke, Apple will withdraw the existing deep space gray section, with dark black and a brighter piano black instead. In addition, Apple will iPhone 7 minimum storage space from the previous 16G to 32G. At the same time, iPhone 7 will also be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, so that any standard headset can be connected with the phone. But these are not revolutionary changes, the appearance is similar to last year’s listing of iPhone 6 series. Therefore, most industry analysts have predicted that its sales growth will slow down. It is even expected that in the upcoming holiday shopping season in the United States, iPhone 7 sales may even lower than last year’s iPhone sales (75 million). In addition to leaking too many new details, so that iPhone 7 is difficult to bring surprises, there is a reason is that the next iPhone 7 iPhone too close, everyone’s attention has been transferred to the next new product. There are rumors that Apple had already, the issue of small change of iPhone 7, just let it play a "speed", the main purpose is to be the main models of the iPhone release cycle extended to 3 years. In this way, Apple will be able to launch the iPhone 6 in 2014, after the release of the next year, the full glass shell and full screen display iPhone 8, with this groundbreaking design to celebrate iPhone’s birthday of 10 years old. Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha pointed out that widely believed, i.相关的主题文章:

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