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India to buy storm class aircraft carrier? U.S. media: Russia and India want to use the money in hand figure as Russia’s "storm" class aircraft carrier picture, the original India purchase Vic Rama TIA the unforgettable experience of the recent past, if India really choose to purchase only in the early stage of the project "storm" class aircraft carrier, all the people will have nothing to say. (information) the "national interest" magazine website published in August 20th, a senior lecturer at University of Kentucky Paterson School of diplomacy and international business Robert · an article written by Farley entitled "Russia, India’s super aircraft carrier is coming? Abstract: at the beginning of this year, a Russian military group proposed to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for India. It was envisaged in the carrier be roughly the same with the U.S. Navy super carrier in size and performance. Why did the Russians make such a proposal? How do Indians view the deal? I want to revive the glory of Russian aircraft carrier from the Soviet era began to pay attention to the carrier. Unlike the United States Navy as the Soviet Union has many bases around the world, let the Soviet nuclear power aircraft carrier to use the benefits likely to benefit more than the United States, because this way, reduces the number of aircraft carrier battle group logistics expenses. Due to various factors, the Soviet fleet has failed to become a reality. The 4 ship Kiev class aircraft carrier was abandoned rust (until one of the ships into the India navy "super king" aircraft), and the Russians will "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier in commission, and its sister ship to Ukraine, the latter is the carrier of the shell to China. Large (80 thousand tons) of nuclear powered aircraft carrier never left the dock, but this level of the aircraft carrier ship ("Ulyanovsk") in the abandoned built before 20%. It is said that China plans to build 2 new aircraft carriers based on the design of the Ulyanovsk. The storm carrier represents a new step in the design of aircraft carrier. This level of aircraft carrier displacement of about 100 thousand tons, roughly equivalent to the U.S. Nimitz class and Ford aircraft carrier. It will be equipped with advanced sensing and defense systems, to avoid (at least for now) a major feature of the traditional Russian aircraft carrier (the installation of a large number of anti-ship weapons). These aircraft carriers may be built in the northern Russian shipyard, which is the only one in Russia has the ability to build such an aircraft carrier in the shipyard. However, the north shipyard to be responsible for the construction of such a large aircraft carrier, the need to expand the scale and transformation. However, Russia still faces many problems. The Russian shipyard has not built an aircraft carrier since 1990s, and has never built a ship like a storm. In recent years, Russia’s economy has suffered a severe recession, forcing the Russian government to carefully distinguish between the severity of defensive action to ease. In addition, as many commentators in the United States, the super carrier as a combat platform, there are many weaknesses. Russia and India share R & D costs so that the sale of aircraft carriers to become attractive to India. In short, Russia can not afford to spend the intense financial resources on the construction of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, but if there is a financial partner, the project is worth doing. Chinese。相关的主题文章:

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