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No one in the novelty Chun Xinjiang Tianshan region III: aspect limits! – Sohu car first page: Day1:101 Defense + Dushanzi Grand Canyon road in 2014, get rid of all fetters, indulge in the desert of Gobi; 2015, Linhaixueyuan, gallop across the ice lake Xingkai; 2016, novelty Chun King City writing SUV cross-country road, along the Xinjiang Highway 101 defense carry out, "Chun novel — in uninhabited areas III Tianshan very environment" activities, to conquer the Tianshan Mountains north of this piece is full of wild and the temptation of the earth. More than four hours of flight, let us come to this with Beijing, there are two hours time difference, sunset need to wait until the evening of nine in Xinjiang, Urumqi. At this time, I have been unable to withstand the excitement of the heart, looking forward to the two day of the night of the uninhabited area trip. At nine in the morning, the team started on time. There are 101 kilometers from the national defense Road, as well as more than and 200 km highway, so we first familiar with the vehicle situation. As of 2014 listed the X-Trail, shape design is the biggest change to mention. Compared with the old design, the new trail has changed turn the world upside down. Mellow lines very modern fashion, designers did not achieve change in the old model based on, and specifically to the concept car design stage to keep production models, that Nissan is very bold in the X-Trail attitude. The new design and the Kroraina Nissan X-Trail has a very similar feeling. Located in the center of more robust V type chrome trim became point set in all lines, similar shield structure it is very strong to render a murderous " ", focusing on the front lines everywhere to become more compact. Nissan’s most home models are all comfortable, comfortable seats, linear power output, as well as the braking effect of the same linear brake pedal. However, it has always been calm steering wheel may make some women drivers more power, and the chassis is a good filter out most of the road bumps, suspension support in a timely manner. In addition, worthy of praise is the ATC active traction control system, it can give the driver information corner lot, parking spaces can timely follow into orbit. After driving through the road, the team officially entered the 101 national defense road. Known as the "Tianshan geographical corridor" Xinjiang 101 national highway, east from Urumqi Xishan farms Chakou, West to the dushanzi-korla highway at Sarah, a total length of 309 km. It was built for the special needs of the national defense, but also because of peace and peace of mind and was forgotten. This piece of ancient desolate uninhabited areas, not dushanzi-korla highway, but better than the dushanzi-korla highway, scenic beauty to suffocating. The snow capped mountains, meadow Yadan murals, desert loess, Gobi Valley, mountain valley, you can think of some of the beauty of Xinjiang, this road has. It is a wonderful geographical landscape corridor, step by step is the king. At the same time it is also a daunting "steep Qi Lu, because of disrepair, Xinjiang 101 national defense highway traffic conditions. It spans across deep valleys, high mountains and lofty hills, any complex road you can think here has. Gravel road, steep slope, canyon,)相关的主题文章:

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