In case the car to see the lights into the super reverse driving Chongqing police on YouTube cibi

In case the car to see the lights into the super reverse driving Chongqing police staged gangster large Zhao hair driving the police car driving police Zhao Zhao sent retrograde retrograde send discharged children to visit the night of October 27th, Nanchuan District South Street, a police car sped along the highway, in the car, see the light break, or even reverse driving. That night, saw the scene of the residents and the police may think There were many discussions., broken a big. However, since then has been no good news. As we wonder, yesterday finally The case is entirely cleared…… YouTube October 27th night at 7:30, the most bustling Nanchuan District South Street lights. The time when the evening peak, the street is crowded, the vehicle The stream never stops flowing. At this time, a police car with flashing lights on the road in the car, see the red light break, at an intersection congestion or no parking and reverse driving…… With siren resounded through the night sky, not only pedestrians stopped to watch, vehicles on the road have amble, many owners head out about what happened. "Watching the news tomorrow, this parade certainly is broken." A passerby said excitedly, Nanchuan in less urban areas, what word of mouth soon the city is well known, and the similar gangster chase scenes. Soon, the police staged YouTube news spread in the local, but all second official days waiting but has yet to come. "Is there a fish escaped through the Seine?" Residents have speculated. One of the big police forcibly block is the protagonist, Nanchuan District Traffic and patrol police brigade Accident Police Zhao. The evening of October 27th, Zhao sent on duty, receiving the alarm, a traffic accident occurred near the city school, he and his colleagues drove chen. 7:30 or so, while driving Zhao Fa, according to the analysis of the situation described by the police described the accident how to divide responsibility. Suddenly, a middle-aged man rushed to the police car, forcing Zhao Fameng to stop the brakes in the middle of the road. "Police comrades, trouble sent me to the hospital, very urgent." The man was hailed the request. Originally, Mr. Zeng hailed and his wife Ms. ran the night with more than one year old son to go shopping, Longhua five hours, the son of a sudden high fever, convulsions and syncope. Ms. ran holding his son ready to take a taxi to the hospital, you can wait for 10 minutes without a taxi. Seeing the children began to froth at the mouth, Mr. Zeng anxious, took place in the scene of a road car. A description of the way to break through the barrier after listening to Mr. Tsang, Zhao Fa quickly opened the door to let one family car, turn on the lights sirens sounded, along the direction towards the hospital, at the same time to let Chen background report, related to the leadership agreed. To obtain the higher license, Zhao Fa did not forget to remind yourself again soon to ensure safety, not to do good things into trouble. The evening peak is blocked, Zhao sent along the quickest route: a recent road Jianfengchazhen, in the crowded South Street to the lane to see no car, and retrograde opened in the past, then a red light. Usually it needs 10 minutes, 2 minutes to go to the emergency department of Nanchuan District People’s hospital. Mr Tsang had to get off, Zhao Fa and his colleagues had no time to stay, and immediately drove the continent相关的主题文章:

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