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In addition Yitu view can create what Lang Passat car? The car – Sohu before entering the topic, called the beast first as we Lulu just over a week which concern the news. Love crazy wife (iPhone7 iPhone7 plus) officially released in September, not only is the school season, also once a year "maishen season, iPhone7 officially released, pro, the domestic first yo. Audi new generation A4L listing 10 evening, Audi new A4L officially listed, the guidance price of 29.98 – 412 thousand and 800. Or how to say Audi throughout the year pointed to the car, the circle of friends on the new A4L of the "red dot" from 10 to 12, three consecutive nights are not corpuscles, a series of three evening conference activities, there is a public sports industry bigwigs who help out, or the first time I saw this parade. Well, rich, very self willed. Jac and Volkswagen officially signed a cooperation agreement in front of two things is a beast called crowd mentality Coucourenao (have no kidney can be sold), but I am most concerned about is the Huaihe and mass marriage event, after all this is a mobile phone in a car market more heavy. September 7, 2016, JAC released Anhui Jiang Huai Automobile Corp and Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding on joint venture cooperation. In simple terms, is the public (Party A) and JAC (Party B) officially signed a cooperation agreement, the establishment of the public in China’s third joint venture. The previous early "mass to make cheap car" message, intended to enter the 50 thousand entry-level market, truly "killed alto". On some of the main low-end brand is not what good news, but later found that this is just a gust of things, then also did the news. Things in October 30th last year, Premier Li Keqiang visited JAC group has undergone a major change. The study, the prime minister had personally said "you have to say and public cooperation, I’ll help you tell them the chairman". This sentence is the prime minister, is undoubtedly a booster to play the most powerful people in the. And so on, I remember that the state has introduced relevant policies, the same foreign brands can only be set up joint venture with two domestic companies, which is very embarrassing. A closer look under the "notice", the original intention is "the cooperation between the two sides in the new energy automotive products as the basis, with the strong support of the national new energy enterprise" Dongfeng ", so the two marriage seems to change the name," Jianghuai mass "is That’s final.. Since the beast will come to What is done cannot be undone., it said some of the views (represent personal views), bold speculation what medicine under the Jianghuai and popular gourd sell. The joint venture, especially joint venture with deep pocketed Volkswagen, firstly, JAC is certainly a good thing, hold the thigh, then "chicken" to "phoenix". From FAW to SAIC, Changan, Dongfeng and so on old brand cars, are in the joint venture this road, and.相关的主题文章:

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