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A school in Hubei illegal payment of subsidies and allowances of 1 million 410 thousand party secretary and President of punishment – Beijing, Hubei daily news (reporter Yang Hongbin) yesterday, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the public informed of the typical case of illegal subsidies, requiring all localities and departments warning, strictly abide by the self-discipline criterion in the mid autumn National Day period, resolutely stop the illegal subsidies the problem, from "welfare corruption". Daye Dongyue middle school party secretary, President Zhu Ruijie, illegal payment of allowances subsidies. In January last year to January this year, agreed by Zhu Ruijie, the school canteen cost by way of false violations, the establishment of 1 million 780 thousand yuan account funds, which is more than 141 yuan for the illegal payment of staff allowances. Daye City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Zhu Ruijie party a serious warning. What are the specific requirements for the payment of benefits? According to the "Hubei Provincial Federation of trade unions on the implementation of the National Federation of trade unions to strengthen the implementation of the views of" grass-roots trade union expenditure management regulations, can use the union dues issued on welfare as a member of the trade union, following the expenditure standard: one is the grass-roots trade union organizations Fengnianguojie dole out holiday gifts to all members of each year, a total of not more than 1000 yuan, can not be paid in cash and shopping card; two is the grass-roots trade union organizations with trade union union members give birthday greetings. The members of the birthday month, can send to the membership value of not more than 300 yuan of the birthday cake and other gifts; three is the grass-roots trade union organizations unified organization membership dues available each year to watch the movie, a total of not more than 150 yuan; four is a grass-roots trade union organization members of the organization to carry out the spring outing with dues and other activities, should be strictly controlled in units of the city, and make day trips; five is the grass-roots trade unions to carry out all kinds of sports activities, need to arrange meals, to participate in the activities of the trade union cadres and union members can arrange meals per person per meal, not more than 40 yuan; six is the grass-roots trade unions to carry out staff education, cultural activities, skills competitions and award in recognition of outstanding trade union cadres and activists incentives, should be emphasis on spiritual encouragement, may be appropriate to give a small amount of material reward, the top winners shall not exceed in person The number of 1/3, each prize (or bonus) not more than 500 yuan; seven is in the grass-roots trade unions at or above the county level and industrial trade unions, trade union organizations group company sports, is really necessary to buy game for the contestants required for sporting goods, no more than 500 yuan per person. The provincial Commission for discipline inspection reporting platform 1, letter report: Wuchang fruit Lake Provincial compound in Hubei province discipline petition room, postcode: 4300712, telephone report: 027-12388 3, online reporting: hubei.12388.gov相关的主题文章:

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