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Huatai Automobile 2016 sales and reputation steadily recently, the car circle a personnel change message attracted the attention of all parties, this is the general manager of Huatai Automobile Group Vice President of sales company Wei turnover, which took over the post from Xue Feng. Huatai Automobile why choose Xue Feng as a sales team leader? Sales executives change for Huatai Automobile sales work has an impact? Huatai Automobile future sales strategy and sales target is a new plan? The editor also conducted in-depth analysis and investigation. Hard work to join the low-key and strive to achieve a win-win situation as the general manager of the new China auto sales company Xue Feng can be described as a real veteran of the car sales industry, has a very deep experience in the industry. It has worked in the Great Wall, JAC, FAW and other domestic mainstream car prices, the Great Wall car once personally involved in the formation, development process, it is seen from the the Great Wall brand to the world of brilliant course Chizha unknown to the public. Years of experience in the automotive industry, so that Xue Feng has a good edge in the automotive industry, the foundation, and the long-term status of the work behind the scenes, making it a low profile and hard working talent. In the years of JAC office, Xue Feng served in various management positions in many directions, accumulated for sales company system, deep full range of system establishment, team management, channel construction and other aspects of the experience.   as a number of Star car prices executives, the choice is also the independent car prices Huatai automobile. Xue Feng admits that this is also a new challenge for their own development and promotion. As for Huatai Automobile, Xue Feng will also join the idea and experience for many years deep in the automotive industry into the Huatai Automobile, bring new vitality and impetus for the planning and development of Huatai automobile. Xue Feng joined Huatai Automobile, is to achieve their own value and the value of a start, the two sides will be able to burnish the market in the future, to achieve win-win situation.   annual strategic achievements Huatai Automobile sales rose steadily as the independent brand of veteran car prices, Huatai Automobile witnessed the changes with the change of Chinese automobile market, the mainstream camp has been active in the independent brand, which is the strategic development benefits from the formulation of Huatai automobile. At the beginning of this year, Huatai Automobile announced its future development and operation of the strategic planning, new energy vehicles will be the focus of future development of Huatai project, will continue to optimize and upgrade the iEV230 this year, will be launched during the year of XEV260, and AOO electric vehicle. In the traditional car field, SUV models will be the main market in 2016. In 2017, Huatai Automobile energy will be placed on the full electronic 4WD dual-mode structure SUV and plug-in hybrid car development. In addition to the new type of planning, in the channel, the network from any traditional sales mode, but also the development of timeshare rental business. Further expand the sales network and sales model innovation and keep pace with the times, bring the absolute good for Huatai Automobile sales. In 2016, under the guidance of Huatai Automobile business strategy, Huatai Automobile Sales steadily. Not only the sales of all models have a slight increase in monthly sales, the overall sales can also maintain a steady rise.相关的主题文章:

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