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Hebei radio and television station: frequently playing a good hand brand Hebei radio and television stations on the ground channel program promotion. The afternoon of September 29th, Hebei radio and television terrestrial television programs to promote the meeting, when the LED large screen frequency flashed 6 personalized trump card, people surprised, Hebei screen, impressive to add a lot of thick and heavy in colours. At this time, we see the screen, but also vaguely turned it into a blessing and look forward to the wonderful "win" screen. "Frequently playing a good hand playing cards". Ace shot, win in positioning. Hebei radio and television channel 6 ground, have shown their own good brand — Hebei economic channel of people’s livelihood, light dream, hit the "people’s livelihood" brand; city channel, run together with the city, the main "Sports" brand; television channel, look up, hit the "entertainment" brand children’s science and education; · channel, DreamWorks, flying heart, hit the "children" brand; public channel, good news · good scenery, the main tourist brand; farmers channel, we the people own the channel, the main "public" brand…… Since then, the channel characteristics around the positioning throwing arm up, every show is like a tailor. Hebei radio and TV station TV channel. 9 new programs debut, set up the stage, win in grassroots. The beginning of October 1st, a group of participatory and interactive programs, holding the general audience dreams, irritablely kicked off the "big stage": the people, the people of Hebei paved the "Avenue of stars"; "love to fight will win", "very big", let the passion in the game release; "fresh" small campus explosion, presided over, small reporter on the side; "Le Tour Hebei", read "V," a journey into the beautiful countryside of the "new countryside""…… Not to say that our city people will really play, because so many people, so much fun in the stage show, then the air to let every grain of the seeds of dreams were to fall flowering. There are a lot of old programs for having heard it many times the upgrading, win in the name card. "The information" bigger and stronger with Yan values, love, play "love sister group"; "rule of law" today, attracted hundreds of gold lawyers volunteered to help people to send free legal aid; "six line" people’s livelihood "rushed in the front line", "people’s livelihood news of high quality and speed iron"; "very help" stronger and stronger "mediation studio"; "old" very concerned "hotline" transformation, Su third a public call up: "love harvest plan" fiery opening…… Hebei radio and TV station TV channel. Audience generation program, the brand is power. Hebei radio and TV station butterfly newborn, win on the screen. "Since the Hebei radio and TV station was established in April, the introduction of a professional team of top-level design, precise positioning, the audience channel content positioning, industry positioning and development planning for three years, director of channel competition, the positioning design program, to create a new bright spot, upgrade the old brand, so with the October 1st, 6 terrestrial television channels the new appearance……" Hebei radio and Television Committee member Liu Liping is introduced. Stage!相关的主题文章:

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