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Guangdong: 49 Southeast Asian officers suspected of illegal immigrants "gold" – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Guangzhou on 21 February, (reporter Zhou Ying, Fu Qing) 21 reporters from the Guangdong Frontier Corps of the armed police detachment in Jiangmen learned that the detachment recently uncovered large foreign personnel smuggling case, 49 Southeast Asian suspected stowaway was arrested on the spot. Guangdong Frontier Corps of the armed police detachment Jiangmen, in early February 2016, the police detachment received reported "in the near future, there will be a number of Southeast Asian workers, for illegal immigrants, to China southern coastal areas underground", the detachment immediately dispatched a team of researchers launched a special investigation. After nearly two months of investigation, the evening of February 17th, investigators in Jiangmen near the city of Heshan Yayao road service area, seized 49 suspected of smuggling. After preliminary interrogation, 49 suspected illegal immigrants were all Southeast Asian nationals, including 29 males and 20 females. There are many people with, or are related. Among them, four couples, three pairs of sisters, two pairs of father and son. Most of the persons suspected to be illegal immigrants are young adults, and more than ninety percent of them are illegal immigrants. During the trial, a suspected smuggling staff said, arrange their entry of illegal labor intermediary claims, each only need to pay 800 yuan to 8000 yuan range of intermediary fees, you can arrange to Chinese in southern coastal areas, engaged in wage income ten times higher than that of Southeast Asia local to the work. Lured by the "gold rush dream", they are desperate to take risks. Guangdong Frontier Corps of the armed police detachment Jiangmen, China linked mountains and rivers and the neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, some people affected by the "gold dream" temptation, or by sea, or climbing the mountain, illegal immigration by rush into danger, illegal smuggling organization secret transported to Guangdong and the surrounding areas of work. At present, the case is under further investigation.

广东:49名东南亚籍人员涉嫌偷渡入境“淘金”-搜狐新闻  新华社广州2月21日电(记者周颖、扶庆) 记者21日从武警广东边防总队江门支队了解到,该支队近期破获一起特大外籍人员偷渡案,49名东南亚籍涉嫌偷渡人员被当场抓获。   武警广东边防总队江门支队介绍,2016年2月上旬,该支队民警接到线报称“近期将有一批东南亚籍人员,准备偷渡入境,前往中国南方沿海地区打黑工”,该支队随即派出一队人员展开专项调查。经过近半个月侦查,2月17日晚上,侦查人员在江门鹤山市雅瑶服务区附近路段,当场查获49名涉嫌偷渡人员。   经初步审讯,49名涉嫌偷渡人员均为东南亚籍,男性29名、女性20名。有多人是同村,或者存在亲属关系。其中,有四对夫妻、三对姐妹、两对父子。涉嫌偷渡人员大多是青壮年,“80后”偷渡者占比百分之九十以上。   审讯过程中,一名涉嫌偷渡的人员称,安排他们入境的不法劳务中介宣称,每人只需缴纳800元至8000元人民币不等的中介费,即可安排到中国南方沿海地区,从事工资高于东南亚本地收入十倍以上的工作。受“淘金梦”诱惑,他们不惜铤而走险。   武警广东边防总队江门支队介绍,中国与周边东南亚国家山水相连,一些人受“淘金梦”诱惑,或通过船运、或爬高山,铤而走险非法偷渡入境,再由不法偷渡组织秘密运送至广东及周边地区打黑工。   目前,该案件正在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章:

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