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A is not now to grab chips tide trading is still rational Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Zhang Xiaocui "grading fund business management guidelines (Draft)" second days announced, grade A and not as part of the industry researcher expected, as with redemption rush to raise prices, performance is relatively rational. A grade average premium rate level is still in the history of high field due to higher proportion of institutional investors, while the parent fund two market with discount rate is not high, some small differential B investors are not eager to buy again with grade A after redemption departure. Grade A overall premium rate is not enlarged released last week by the classification of the fund the new draft regulations, the future will be the classification of the fund’s investors access threshold or increase to 300 thousand, the classification of B holder, a considerable part of the funds amounted to less than 300 thousand, some fund analysts believe that the market will appear this week or part of the funds investors classification B the lack of rush to raise the grade A redemption situation after the merger, especially the classification of B sharp discount in the market of the two cases, the possibility of this situation more, is bound to promote the classification of A prices. However, since this week, under the influence of multiple factors released in the main stock index fell and the classification of new draft regulations, classification of A and no spikes situation, but the overall show a steady trend, in the past two days, set a record of thinking grade A index edged up 0.35%, down 0.08%. Monday after the market opened, intraday discount rate of grade B was enlarged, but to close and narrow, so did not bring high parent fund discount. Shenzhen, a bond fund manager told reporters, by the impact of external market, the main stock index fell on Monday, but the overall grade A or not, the new draft regulations have limited impact on the classification of A, in essence, determines the grade A of future price movements or institutional asset allocation. Discount arbitrage Co. grading draft new regulations after the announcement, A grading is not "rush to raise the tide", or concerned with two factors: the current classification of A is still in full premium grade, the parent fund fell Monday, the highest discount rate of only 1.7%, net of related expenses, discount arbitrage is almost zero. In the recorded data show that the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city 140 grade A is still in the state of the overall premium, and high price, the average premium rate of 4.3%, compared to 3.28% in mid August, just a month increased by about one percentage point below the asset allocation shortage background, grade A is still subject to various funds sought after. It is worth mentioning that the crazy influx of funds at the same time, the implied yield also continue to narrow the current mainstream classification A varieties, such as the mainstream of the rate of return "one-year deposit +3%" varieties, the average implied yield is only 4.42%, the interest rate rule "A grade varieties of one-year deposit +4%", the implied yield an average of 5.12%, overall, the implied yield has been on grade A相关的主题文章:

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