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Good cash charge eventually changed Alipay money in the end how to do Sina Technology Xu Li after WeChat cash charges, Alipay will also carry live. In September 12th, Alipay, a part of the service regulation ripple. In simple terms, is the Alipay since October 12th for personal users more than the amount of free cash charge 0.1% service charge, a total of 20 thousand of the amount of free will, the cumulative period of life. Is it okay to charge? In February this year, WeChat announced that from March 1st onwards, each person can only enjoy a total of 1000 yuan of free cash withdrawal amount, more than part of the rate charged by the rate of 0.1%. WeChat said the charges are to pay bank charges. This announcement, a strong response to the user, many of whom complained. Subsequently, Alipay has been in the administrative micro-blog said in a statement, not to mention the charges. After half a year, Alipay did not hold on. "Comprehensive operating costs rose faster, adjusted cash rules in order to reduce some cost pressures, Alipay says in the announcement. Rong 360 financial analysts said, in fact Alipay charge withdrawal fee is not new, Alipay before the transfer of bank card 2 hours arrival service from the client computer operation is required to pay, early Alipay users are not unfamiliar, in recent years the promotion of Alipay mobile phone client, only the withdrawals are not received by Alipay App the fee now, with the continuous development of Alipay, increased operating costs, open closed withdrawal fee is predictable. Alipay vs WeChat WeChat Alipay charges more than cash withdrawals for comparison although is the withdrawal fees, but Alipay and WeChat in many ways there is still difference. The first is the difference on the amount, which is the most concerned about the user. Alipay free of charge the amount of withdrawals per person a total of 20 thousand, WeChat is 1000 yuan. There is room for discussion? In the limit, Alipay gives a corresponding increase in the amount of "ant integral" approach, but this point WeChat no measures. There is the treatment of merchants, the two policies are also different. Alipay cash, individual sellers, sellers of enterprises do not charge; WeChat cash, personal micro business need to charge no fees, taking micro enterprises. As for WeChat and Alipay are in "why now charges" link, Rong 360 financial analysts believe that in addition to reduce operating costs, a reason to let the user take the initiative to deposit funds is also very important. User funds can also be used more in the context of the payment system, with the continuous enrichment of the scene, the development of payment habits can also enhance the user’s stickiness. Alipay in the money in the end? This is for the cash withdrawal behavior charges, the so-called cash withdrawal refers to the user through the third party payment platform to fund the behavior of bank cards. According to reports, Alipay’s cash involved "withdrawals to my bank card" and "transfer to the other bank card" two functions. Announcements, in addition to cash, Alipay, consumer finance, purchase.相关的主题文章:

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