Gang pulled the roadside woman on the train to force prostitution to make money – Sohu news

The gang pulled the woman on the bus to the roadside forced prostitution money for its Sohu news the day before, Dingbian court to rape and sentenced the defendant Xiao pin was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and to forced prostitution (attempted) sentenced the defendant Xiao pin was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and fined 2000 yuan, decided to implement phase two crimes 5 years in prison and fined 2000 yuan. Defendant Xiao Luo, Shaanxi County, Jingbian province. A few years ago, Xiao suppository in the Chen Gang (at large) arrangement, and Gao Ruiping (already sentenced) premeditated, looking for a "Miss" to Chen Gang in the big brother Liu Shenmu tower opened for them a few money shampoo. In late September 20, 2013 8 when Xu, Gao Ruiping, Chen Gang, Xiao Shuanhuo with Hou Fei (at large), Liu Hong (at large), driving to find targets in the Great Wall street in Dingbian Town, found a single girl in a hotel in front of Chen Xiaohong (a pseudonym), at Chen Gang’s instigation, Gao Erren Shaw, Chen Xiaohong will be forced to pull the car, afraid of Chen Xiaohong the initiative, will carry the mobile phone and 70 yuan in cash to Chen Gang. A few people overnight Chen Xiaohong will pull to the king in a rural macro Dingbian relatives, while Xiao suppository to take care of Chen Xiaohong the opportunity to go to the toilet, coercion forced sexual intercourse, after Chen Gang and Hou Fei take the same means, has conducted on the Chen Xiaohong rape. The next morning, 4 people drove to Shenmu daliuta. When Dongkeng Town to Jingbian County Chen Gang relatives to rest, Chen Xiaohong took the opportunity to reveal their control to Chen Gang’s relatives, relatives of Chen Gang reported to the police by the village leader Gao Ruiping was arrested on the spot, all the other criminals to escape, Chen Xiaohong was successfully rescued. The defendant was arrested on the way to escape in the public security organs. The court held that the defendant Xiao Shuanhuo with others against her will, by threats, forced the victim to pull the car, to victims of forced prostitution for the money, the serious infringement of personal rights and social morality, constituted forced prostitution. At the same time, the defendant Xiao pin against her will, the use of coercion, forced sexual relations with the victims, their actions constitute the crime of rape, should be graft. But in view of the defendant Xiao suppository in forced prostitution due to reasons other than the will of the crime did not succeed, is attempted, be accomplished a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law, and an accomplice in the crime, the court shall make the decision. Comment: forced prostitution are committed, as long as the behavior of the implementation of forced prostitution behavior and to a certain extent is regarded as criminal acts, the behavior is completed by the establishment of crime. With the crime of rape, the case for punishment.相关的主题文章:

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