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From reading picture books with her parents, see the new Chinese textbooks…… Sohu maternal if we selected the topic of a September book, it is certainly the first! Because this book was born, won about 2000000 of sales, in short supply, good writings make people copy them. It will have a direct impact on the about 2000000 children’s childhood learning life, this book is – denddengdeng~ what? I’ve got my glasses on. You show me this?! (?? ^?)? This is not an ordinary Chinese book Oh, it is a new revision of the Chinese textbooks, this book represents the "torture" generations on the first lesson — Chinese Pinyin, is a "potential" of indomitable spirit ", and you and me and he" six Chinese characters instead of! It is worth the rush about telling the news around spreading the face plate, we always used textbooks, actually have a "full of tender feelings together and adults to read" column! You know, for those of us from the birth of a baby and baby began to study with parents, this is simply a required course every day, so easy! The child than I have seen sharp eyed, before he had read the book together with "the text" to go hiking tomorrow, this feeling is like going to a strange place to travel across an old friend like kind. In this way the child’s interest in learning chinese. More surprise is that the academic committee, as the new education in the new reading research institute researcher Li Yiman teacher said: the latest revision of primary school Chinese textbook with more pictures to complete, this is changed to is excellent, and our education will be more to promote preschool children’s attention in reading picture book. This is we grew up studying picture book of the children’s welfare ah, develop preschool reading picture books in reading (including reading) and understanding ability and narrative ability, there will be conducive to children better understand the text, and the Chinese education system docking, children read picture books, as early as possible! However………… Since the multi language textbook, why not directly to the picture in the textbook? Haha, there are experts have proposed so. As a new teaching materials compilation of Mr. Cao Wenxuan, is the picture book practitioner. He said: reading picture books is a person’s spiritual foundation engineering. Although the picture is not in the textbooks, but is not what new things into the classroom, we often in Chinese textbook related books see picture figure:……………… Also found that some childhood lessons are also eager to become a picture book, but also a high value not to Yan: "the kite", Lu Xunwen, big Jun map, Pu Pu Lan picture book shop recommended: Mr. Lu Xun’s article, in addition to "drama", was the most love this. "The kite" is a retrospective essays, the author from the Beijing winter kite flying in the sky of Lenovo’s childhood past: as a brother, he thinks a kite brother is worthless, and broke his kite as a punishment. The author of the adult brother child nature choke.相关的主题文章:

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