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Family Travel: Autumn valley. Ji Shan Travels – Sohu. Mother autumn travel notes: Fang Ji Shan Gu prefacesmall Z school left an essay, "my favorite sound". Small Z blurted out: "my favorite alpenstock clicks!" Alpenstock, we do outdoor activities of the equipment, is one of the first climbers when necessary. With alpenstocks clicks, leaving a lot of small Z, very deep, very beautiful memories. Alpenstock clicks is a kind of experience, an experience, a vision, a dream. The text reads: we start again. The destination, Fangshan Gu Ji shan. Is the late autumn. We go out, the sky still receives black. Yesterday just received the headlights, now come in handy. The air is cool, small Z exhaled, white, hot, like smoke. We go to Xuanwumen together, few pedestrians on the road, occasional vehicular passed over. Street lights still lit, to spread the dim halo. After the people together, the bus by seven Li Zhuang, Du home Hom, all the way to the west. The sun gradually a gentle posture, shining on the earth. Everything seemed peaceful and quiet. About the morning: we arrived at the North Camp village. The village is located in the valley at the foot of Ji shan. The village houses are old and new, mottled off the old brick house, there are two storey building like European style building. Persimmon yellow hanging in the branches, a few big dog wandering in the village, the villagers rarely see. Can see the water unit of old style, a companion station went to pose camera, forming a "pulley – woman – Wells" picture. We walked along the road to the mountain. It’s a highway, but few cars. Listen to the leader said, this is a broken road, the end of the road is going to the Gridhrakuta temple. Along the way, you can see a lot of wild sour jujube; jujube cooked, can not stay in the branches fell to the ground. We picked a few rub above the surface, placed in the mouth, with a hint of sour and sweet taste. The mountain is gradually emerging. Not like the city park mound, the mountains here are stone mountain, context, texture clear, bold and powerful. The way we see the sea buckthorn, a greedy little Z shouted: "I want to drink juice ~" can see a daily common plants, the same plant leaves also has red, green, and brown colors; home after Mr. identification said, this is yellow. Hillside, the foot of the mountain, common persimmon tree. Some villagers to the tree, persimmon, with a long bamboo pole, split up in front of the mouth, aiming at falling persimmon branch, decisive ninety percent off on hand, persimmon. We want to buy in the city of persimmon, is such a hard work by a farmer obtained, really should cherish. Just two days before the rain, when water road, we passed from the side of the road on the battlements. Before and after each field has a crutch backpack walker, stretches 10 meters, forming a landscape. Small Z walking and playing, from time to time to the roadside grass to treasure. When I came back, pants with a lot of thorns "small mines". We also encountered a goat, alone in the hillside, little friends to the stray)相关的主题文章:

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