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Fake test is "an important standard double eleven" original title: fake test is "an important author standard double eleven": Pan Hongqi in a multi-level, three-dimensional chain of responsibility, business platform (and counterfeiting responsibility Xianxingpeifu responsibility) is particularly prominent. If the business platform can set up a special crackdown team, formed fierce competition with Wang Hai, the removal of counterfeit and purify the consumer market is absolutely a good thing. Once a year the double eleven online shopping carnival season, occupation Wang Hai issued fake people denounced the proliferation of fake online shopping. Wang Hai said, this year "double eleven" period, his fake team to buy the false claim volume is expected to reach more than 1000 yuan. Some of the "lone wolf" fake people have occupation occupation such as fake people eager for a fight, in Fengxing revealed to the media, this year "double eleven" period, the purchase amount of false claims his personal will reach more than 60 yuan. Wang Hai to the identity of the person engaged in counterfeiting counterfeiting occupation, has been more than twenty years. From the initial one bit by bit annual income to later set up a professional hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, millions of fake team, the annual profit easily, only every now and then to "double eleven" fake, the claim amount of up to tens of millions of Wang Hai, the fake business bigger and bigger, not only itself as a "fake" boss. The demonstration also led a large number of occupation fake people, formed a booming industry crackdown. This situation shows that although China is led by the government to crack down on fake and shoddy work never relax, with the representative of social occupation fake fake just unfolding though more and more, the production and operation of enterprises and commodity trading platform also more and more attention to the crackdown, but with the rapid expansion of economy and consumption continued to expand especially with cake, electronic business to the hypergeometric multiples of the explosive growth of all kinds of counterfeit market not only in terms of quantity increase, and the production and sale of counterfeit goods way malicious fraud emerge in an endless stream, constantly refurbished, including government, society and market fake fake fake are faced with severe challenges hitherto unknown. Wang Hai’s "fake business" is bigger, because there is still a large number of fakes on the market, and emerging areas of consumption and consumption channels expand where the goods will spread to where, as long as the occupation of fake people continue to buy fake and legal claims, it may Everfount obtain huge profits. As Tmall’s double eleven spokesman responded Wang said that many years ago to buy fake products is a cause, many years later, there are people who regard this as a cause, is undoubtedly a regret and sorrow. However, "not fake" not only makes people feel regret and sorrow, "fake more than" also let people see the occupation specialization and professional operation to further clarify responsibilities, enhance the crackdown greater hope fake performance. E-commerce driven online shopping consumption patterns, resulting in a disruptive impact on the traditional consumer line, in a substantial expansion of the scale of consumption, it is bound to bring a huge risk of fake and shoddy flooding. On the one hand, greatly increased the workload of counterfeiting, also increased the difficulty of unprecedented crackdown, on the other hand, the development of the network technology and application of large data means, for Wei相关的主题文章:

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