Do not set the wedding Hotel restorator

The wedding hotel is the biggest problem for many couples who want to get married. The biggest problem is the reservation of the wedding hotel. What about the hotel for the wedding reception? Don’t worry, the next little book will share some emergency plans for you. Let’s have a look. Question: what about the hotel for the wedding reception? Emergency plan 1: choose a weekend wedding wedding for emergency couple, may choose from Monday to Thursday evening hours to avoid the peak wedding day, weekend. Emergency plan 2: the traditional night wedding, wedding couples may avoid the peak wedding season, choose the traditional romantic evening wedding, also enjoy the discount of star wedding service, but also get considerable wedding preferential price. Emergency plan 3: choose a new venue or suburban venue, the new hotel because of the relatively few people know, so the schedule will be more, can be used as the first choice for emergency. While the outskirts of the venue, although geographically remote, but it is easy to determine the current period, the venue of the old and new and cost-effective will be better, but also arrange buses to pick up guests to attend the wedding. The newlyweds may choose this kind of venue as a choice.


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