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Dadukou eggplant Creek:   "Monday Zuoban" serving the people "zero distance" – Chongqing Channel – "car into the plot when the speed quickly, hoping to install several humps!" "Building 6 septic tanks blocked H18 cell, sewers do?" "Neighbors raised a puppy, every day very noisy, there is a way to solve it?" …… October 10th is the eggplant Creek Street Dadukou District to implement the "Monday Zuoban day". As usual, deputy director Fu Xiongwei came to the street community Huifeng imprisoned, listen to their voices on behalf of the residents. This year, the eggplant Creek Street innovation launched Monday Zuoban, requirement of chip package every Monday to package community cadres imprisoned, with people that matter, patrol, when people act the "three method" to establish a sound long-term mechanism, zero distance service area of the masses. "So smooth the demands of the masses channels." Director of eggplant Creek Street office but Ning Wei said, the streets will be 22 cadres were divided into 7 groups, respectively, to 7 communities take turns to carry out "Monday zuoban". According to the requirements, to participate in the "Monday Zuoban" cadres and the masses of the problem, can be handled immediately, should be handled on the spot, the major issues on the need for multiple departments to jointly handle, must have a clear lead unit, tracking and supervision. Huifeng community residents Zhao Qifen is a warm-hearted man, every Monday she would take the masses of the problem, to find that imprisoned cadres "". She told reporters: "here is like a friend to chat, we have any ideas, what grievances can be said. And we reflect the problem, the streets are basically resolved, very fast." In July 18th, the director of street justice Xiong Linqiu in the "tour when" learned, Shenka Ko Xi Yuan Xiao Qu and farmers market at the junction of intersection are often parked vehicle violations, seriously affecting the safety of residents travel. Xiong Linqiu with the upcoming report to the streets. A week later, the municipal department in the intersection of the installation of traffic isolation pile, completely solve the problem of illegal vehicle parking. As of now, the eggplant Creek Street "Monday Zuoban" has received 800 visitors, held a coordination meeting 21 times, solve hot and difficult problems in 48, for the masses matters 352. (Wang, Zhang commissioning editor:??)相关的主题文章:

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