Count the five puzzle is still unsolved and pioneer

Count the five puzzle watch is still unsolved and pioneer pioneer background story as other Blizzard games, deep and engaging. Here, Xiao Bian also sorted out has not yet announced the five unsolved puzzles and pioneer. Let’s take a look at the five. 5, who is the father of the law eagle? The eagle Rui Seoul law Pharaoh is a pioneer of the watch strong hero. In the context of the story, her set is from a military excellent military family. When still a child, I was by his mother by Rui, want to join the global peacekeeping organization. And her mother – Anna. Elmar lee. Is the founder of the vanguard and one of the world’s best snipers. As a woman so good, Anna’s husband should not be an ordinary person is obscure. There is a guess on the network. Anna’s husband, also is the law Ruier father may also watch a pioneer agent or even watch the legendary pioneer general management. Holding the same idea is not a minority. Foreign users on voice of Anna and 76 strokes to voice similar to the introduction, in the face of the book on the blizzard ask: "76 is not the father of Pharaoh Eagle" problem. However, the following official reply: yes! See more information. However, this information will not be edited after ten minutes. So in the end is a temporary small accidentally betrayed, on a whim or nonsense? These can only wait for Blizzard announced in the future. 4, the founder of the vanguard Liao watch, in addition, we are also developing new heroes. Some of them have been developed for a long time, some have just begun. We also have some hero archetypes that might not end up. You know we have a lot of prototype versions. But I don’t think I can tell you a lot about the new hero release plan. ’cause I don’t want you to look forward to something, and then we’re going to cancel it for some reason." Although the "watch" pioneer’s chief designer Jeff was restrained his language, want to release a new hero becomes understatement, but a new persona is like the South Pacific monsoon winds blow. In the game player for "watch pioneer" officially launched and dance for joy, the development team quietly in the official website has been updated with a background story, which appeared in a never mentioned role: liao. More importantly, Liao is the identity of the six founders of the original watch pioneer organization, before this pivotal figure in this official has been frozen, even in 2015 the official Carnival forum, the designers made no mention of the role, not to mention the previous interview. Liao is like a ghost, Blizzard suddenly pushed from the void space to reality. For Chinese game player, this name is also a very exciting news, perhaps the senior level person is from the second Chinese super hero..相关的主题文章:

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