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Starbucks Starbucks six years after the question was asked to ask you (source: City Express) today, you go to the point of a cup of coffee?" Suddenly, the two day of the Starbucks cup of coffee in WeChat popular jokes in the circle of friends. In addition to the habit of consumption in the cup of coffee customers, there are a lot of consumers arrived yesterday in Starbucks stores, point a cup of coffee, is to look at the clerk’s reaction. In "Starbucks cup of coffee" becomes a piece, is "to Starbucks China CEO Wang Jingying open letter: what time do not feel in the cup of customer ignorance or stupidity? This article in WeChat circle of friends became popular. Starbucks headquarters yesterday responded, promised to further improve the quality of service stores. Asked whether or not to 6 years in the gold cup of angry customers maxed circle of friends in November 13th (Sunday) to send out. Lin Guotong said that the Hangzhou consumers, coffee cup in the Starbucks coffee shop to buy in Hangzhou Shuangcheng international, the two consecutive single point the waiter asked to confirm: "are you sure it is in the cup, cup is our smallest cup Oh", began to recommend "there is a 20 percent off chance to buy cake". Lin Guotong can not help Tucao, in the WeChat public number issued a document to Starbucks China CEO Wang Jingying to say. In the article, Lin Guotong believes that he is a 2012 Starbucks MSR gold (Singh Bakri a member of the highest level in a year, to spend 25 cups to customers, also have) cards and stored value card are installed in the Starbucks App, the waiter should recognize he is a Starbucks the old customers, so he should not be so low-end market: "there has been a mild mental disorder, if you doubt my choice and the assistant cup." Finally, Lin Guotong in the article on the Starbucks CEO Wang Jingying China loudspeaker: "you are the first person in charge of Starbucks Chinese District, I love you and endure six years, today to a feedback. I hope to enter the Starbucks store in China again, the clerk can not doubt my cup type choice, or even the first choice is recommended in the cup." After more than and 200 cups of Starbucks coffee in the past 2 years, this article in the circle of friends quickly fermented, attracted a variety of discussions. As of last night, there have been about 500000 readers click on the reading, the more than 3 thousand message. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Lin Guotong, he was surprised by the hot topic. "I didn’t think there would be so many people." Lin Guotong said, after he contacted Starbucks in 2010, has been respected and loved this brand, "the first ask my colleagues to drink coffee, bought a 30 Starbucks cup, gold is obtained at that time." Lin Guotong said that in the past a lot of leisure, business negotiations, will go to Starbucks Wulin intime store, during 2013 -2014 about more than and 200 cups of coffee to drink, almost every working day will go once. Lin Guotong every point is a cup of coffee, but even if the frequency, or will encounter a large bottle of his staff recommended to him. "You’re sure it’s raining.相关的主题文章:

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