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" comedy story " actor comedian yiguoduan   Wu Xiubo: I am a fan – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Guo Degang Wu Xiubo: I’m Guo Degang Guo Degang and Wu Xiubo fans will wipe out what spark? By Zhejiang TV media to joy together to create original season broadcast Comedy Competition play variety comedy "Nemo", will be launched on September every Saturday night. In the program, more than 10 will be bursting with popularity of film and television actor and comedy stars for the first time to achieve cross-border cooperation". Recently, the comedy "Nemo" held a press conference in Beijing, it comes the day during the recording, the team captain, Wu Xiubo Guo Degang, and the first stage of competitive play film and television actor Liu Tao, Li Chen, Jiang Xin, Chen, Yue Yunpeng, Jia Ling, comedian Alan, often far full scene. It is understood that Wu Xiubo and Guo Degang the two film "Taishan" and the comedy "Beidou" will lead the team in the program of "fighting". In the first stage, film and television actor Liu Tao, Li Chen, Jiang Xin, Chen He will partner Yue Yun Peng, the strength of comedian Shen Teng, often far, Jia Ling to complete the contest works, then there will be more television actor and comedy writer to join us. Different from the previous stage comedy is the cross-border partner, their works not only burden continuously, more Chinese is rooted in the excellent traditional culture, sights of the lives of ordinary people, the people in real life, the passions into grief at separation and joy in Union each work, take this show and stick to growth and understanding, selection of the protagonist, highlight the sincerity and goodness of human nature in the most valuable. It is reported that the strength beauty Jiang Xin field acting outbreak, who played horns, to subvert the classic masterpiece often far happy twist. The Li Chen, Yue Yunpeng, the comic circle of the new partner is no reservation, directly take the burden when the material of the case of the president of the United States and China, when it comes to the. The "goddess" Jia Ling zoom trick, Chen will be buried in the bottom of my heart together for more than 10 years of experience in the real work, expressed deep thoughts on the mother’s tears on the spot. The stage more experienced Liu Tao, facing great challenges, the comedy talent partner Shen Teng, but she must adapt to the twist team "no script play" challenge. On the same day at the scene, Wu Xiubo exposes the steel wire (Guo Degang fans), recalled 10 years ago when filming went to bed to listen to Guo Degang’s comedy, and said, "after the teacher Guo find me filming I don’t want money," Guo Degang joked, "you give me money?" Two old friends live comedy show people feel ahead of the program, although not broadcast, but laugh fruit has been good. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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