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Colliers International: upsurge of theme park developed into a China pull economic engine – Beijing Beijing in August 30 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Yu Jun) well-known commercial real estate services company Colliers International 30, published in Shanghai market report "Chinese theme park dream journey", refers to the upsurge of theme park development has become a pull China engine of economic development. The report pointed out that China’s tourism market continues to grow, the theme park is becoming an important tourist resort products, has entered the era of international brands and local brands positive competition. China’s per capita consumption expenditure is increasing, and the proportion of consumption in education, culture and entertainment is increasing, which provides an important basis for the development of leisure tourism. Colliers International study found that in 2015 the global theme park developers before 10 (the total number of visitors), Chinese developers accounted for 4, respectively, OCT Group, Changlong group, Huaqiang infante group and Songcheng group. The 10 theme park in the main Chinese mainland (park visits), the average admission of 4 million 470 thousand passengers. These top 50% theme parks in Southern China, located in East China, 25%. Southern China mild and comfortable climate, very suitable for outdoor theme parks and water parks and the development of business. China has a number of well-known, brand development level theme park, but also attracted a large number of international tourists visiting. According to Colliers International data, the theme park on weekdays in the adult fare of 200 yuan to 300 yuan (58%), and more than 300 yuan accounted for 34%, the average fare is 270 yuan. However, China’s theme park, if only rely on ticket revenue, it is difficult to maintain operations. Usually by supporting the hotel, catering, retail, entertainment facilities and derivatives, in order to digest the huge investment in the early days and higher daily costs, and achieve profitability. Analysis of Colliers International East China Advisory Services Director Chen Tiedong: "in the theme park surrounding the development of ancillary facilities, the residence time, visitors can not only extend the increase in total consumption and tourists in the park, the consumer loyalty, but also can effectively increase the theme park competitiveness, enhance the value of land use, greatly reduce the development risks." Chen Tiedong pointed out that the development of the theme park to stimulate the local economy has a one-time impact and long-term impact. Planning and design, construction and create short-term jobs the former covers the development process; the latter is mainly for the local tourism promotion, including the tourist resort, hotel, catering, shopping, entertainment, transportation and other revenue. The operation and management of the park has brought a large number of long-term employment opportunities, while its multiplier effect of investment on the local economy greater contribution. (end)相关的主题文章:

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