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[club] VOL11: no LOGO, different sections, you began to play the retro it? When we buy to buy, after the explosion of consumer fatigue, follow the trend of consumption gradually become personalized consumption, retro fashion business is becoming a strong demand. Since we so want to be different, why should we wear those streets of the explosion, the same paragraph. Fashion information everywhere today, what to buy, what to wear is no longer the heart pain, how can the more personality, more taste, more cost-effective to buy clothes, this seems to have become a fashion in the hearts of many people. A style and personal style of consumption upgrade, ready. Among them, the aesthetic preference, which is based on the concept of "returning to the ancients", is triggering a new personality consumption industry. The word "retro", from the fashion phenomenon, to a fashion attitude, now it has become more and more people want to upgrade the way of life. To upgrade, more and more people obsessed with retro "I love retro things, such as the Vintage clothing, when I wore a green velvet dress in 80s, the whole people feel the moment is not the same, immediately turned into a story of the female students." Project director of a well-known fashion magazines to mention her retro dress when love said, "Vintage clothing to wear it before I would imagine the story, maybe she was wearing this dress, go to a restaurant with my boyfriend." As a fashion circle scouring the goods model, she often go to Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam and other places, Amoy some of their favorite Vintage clothes, bags and jewelry. In the Vintage shop in Paris, the popular retro dress in the circle of retro lovers, there is a saying: buy a vintage, wearing a retro, not to become a man of that era, but to wear it more fashionable. When you put on a dress in the 50s of last century or a pair of shoes that are properly maintained in the year of 60s, it seems that she is the heroine of the story. Once old and old clothing, as a story carrier, still practice popular easy to fade, style life forever." Those who do not want to consume luxury goods LOGO, fast enough contemporary work rough fashion, return to the ancients has become a new consumer attitudes. 1950s fashion style "uniform buy buy buy, especially boring, feeling tired". Born in 95 month of life in the three line of the city, she often told friends Tucao bought the explosion of clothes, "now my classmates and I buy clothes online, buy a bag to think, after all, and a lot of people, it’s a hit Zhuangshan package is not cool. If you wear something that you can buy, it’s just too cool." And like the month is that Tencent netizens have 54% people said to purchase explosive weakness, hope to buy unique goods. The retro goods, especially Vintage, because of its unique label, began to become a new focus of attention of young people. Today, we are disgusted with the explosion of money, disgusted fashion fast disappear, this phenomenon and the last century in 60s special. 50s, haute couture is the main consumer market, but in 60s after the democratization of fashion, the people who have been advanced enough to slowly move towards the era of industrial mass production. At that time, the mini skirt became high.相关的主题文章:

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