Close U.S. stocks fell in financial stocks Pudie Deutsche Bank and the election pressure

Close: U.S. stocks fell in financial stocks Pudie Deutsche Bank and the election put pressure on the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market stocks Sina News 27 am Beijing time, U.S. stocks fell on Monday. Before the first presidential debate in the United States market sentiment cautious. Deutsche Bank dragged down the financial sector decline. Est at 16:00 on September 26th (Beijing time at 04:00 on September 27th), the Dow fell 166.62 points, at 18094.83 points, or 0.91%; P index fell 18.59 points, at 2146.10 points, or 0.86%; the NASDAQ fell 48.26 points, at 5257.49 points, down 0.91%. Deutsche Bank listed in the United States (DB) shares fell 7.1%, financial stocks generally fell. According to the German focus magazine reported on the weekend, the German Prime Minister Merkel does not support the national rescue of the bank. According to Dow Jones news reports, Deutsche Bank denied that it had sought any support, the government also refuted the focus magazine reports. Deutsche Bank shares fell by the impact, Goldman (GS), JP Morgan (JPM) and other financial stocks generally lower. Political factors also make investors nervous. US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) and Republican candidate Donald Trump (Donald Trump) in the first televised debate Monday’s presidential election, RBC global Asset Management Co stock trading supervisor Ryan Larson (Ryan Larson) said: "some polls have conflicting data, some data suggest that Trump’s support rate is approaching Hilary, this let the market under pressure. But Deutsche Bank worries about European stock markets fell, and spread to the United States stock market." Larson said: U.S. stocks for president elect Hilary ready, but as the election day draws near, some polls show that the gap between the two is narrowing, then the market will re pricing." Larson said the market needs time to complete the election results for the full price. UniCredit Research Institute’s global chief economist Eric Nielsen (Erik Nielsen) said that polls showed the election results are still difficult to guess, he "surprised" market to this poll results more upset. Nelson said Monday: "we will see the first televised debate between presidential campaign, although it is too early (think Obama for the first time and poor performance of Romney in it), but if the chance in the next few weeks Trump won the increase, then you need to start pondering the fed in December and intention. Would you consider reducing your risk of exposure, especially for U.S. stocks and the dollar exposure." With the OPEC member countries and Russia and other oil producing countries to reach an agreement to limit the production of new hope again, crude oil futures prices rebounded on Monday. Major oil producing countries will hold a meeting in Algeria on Wednesday. Monday beauty 5相关的主题文章:

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