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Chongqing is the biggest "Camellia" blooming technology installation accurate to 1 cm (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, September 23, (Yin Aini) "11 petals seemingly simple, the other was assembled using 1583 pieces and 2422 pieces of special glass curtain wall plate, a total area of 11000 square meters." 23 days, reporters from the two built in the Southwest Branch was informed of Chongqing city flower – Camellia as the theme of the city of Chongqing Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center has been formally completed in the day before, Chongqing’s largest "Camellia" officially unveiled. "Camellia" for the city of Chongqing Wanda cultural tourism exhibition styling center, covers an area of 3000 square meters, 28 meters high, the total weight of 2000 tons. Whole flower "Camellia" by the Chinese and foreign three layers of 11 petals "petals" form. The largest single area of 560 square meters, the "petals" inner "petals" from the 1583 special glass, the outer petal consists of 2422 pieces of aluminum sheets. Total weight of more than and 700 tons of petals. Looks like an independent floating petals, but inside the skeleton support. Each petal is composed of 33 to 197 frameworks, and because each frame is composed of 1 to 3 different length and curvature of steel pipe. Aerial view of Chongqing largest Camellia "". Wanda city for photo taken from the approach to the completion of only 25 days to complete the entire decoration works. The appearance of aesthetic "Camellia", for the builders build process is very complex and difficult. According to the project manager Shi Feng introduced, from the beginning of the May entry or a facility management personnel, labor and personnel has entered the scene, the beginning or even only three container as the office, two or three people crowded together in the office, the table was full of people. The design of Camellia, but there is a line drawing and bending joints." Chen Yi, head of technology, said BIM, in order to allow the design of the drawings can be specific operations, you need to use BIM technology modeling. Technical personnel to refine, accurate to the thickness, thickness, and then carry out high-altitude installation welding, the operation process is very complex. Because before some BIM model, through simulation test, to ensure the accuracy and science of artificial in reality in the installation process continuously adjusted, finally realizes the spacing between each glass 1 cm." Xu Yongxuan, chief engineer of the project. It is understood that the project started in July 12th this year to September 16th, through the completion of acceptance, which lasted 90 days, including the completion of the main exhibition center, Park Road, landscape, river and other forms of more than 300 million yuan to build the task.相关的主题文章:

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