CCDI to May this year, a total of more than 4.5 people in charge of the country – Sohu news 9c8950

The Commission: to May this year a total of more than 4.5 people accountable – Sohu news it is worth noting that, in the 86 and second kinds of situations typical problems about 91.9%, and the "spirit of the central eight provisions are not implemented, the style of construction form", which in 2014 5, 2015 22, in 2016 52, shows that the discipline inspection organs at all levels to persevere correct four winds, the more back the more strict discipline attitude. On the "four winds" problems, both pursue the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities, and accountability leadership responsibilities, party organization responsibility, promote the comprehensive deepening strictly. According to the 238 typical problems of accountability: in addition to inform, to Party members and cadres accountability way followed by the more to less disciplined, adjusting organization or organization processing, etc. admonishing 238 cases of typical problems, take on Party cadres accountability way mainly for reporting, admonishing and structure adjustment or tissue processing, disciplinary action etc.. Notification exposure on the site are notified of a class of treatment, a total of 397 passengers. In addition, disciplinary action against 258 people, accounting for 62%; by the organization or adjust the organizations dealing with 64 people, accounting for 15%; 36 by admonishing people, accounting for 9%; other accountability way has 57 people, accounting for 14%.相关的主题文章:

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