Britain said it would build the world’s most advanced warships Escort aircraft carrier submarines lightscape

The British claimed would create the world’s most advanced nuclear submarine escort aircraft carrier ships: original title: the British claimed would create the world’s most advanced warships escort aircraft carriers and submarines: [global network reported] according to the British military in November 7th, "the times" website reported on November 5th, the British Defense secretary said that Britain will next summer and began to build the world’s most advanced battleship. The Department of defense and British Aerospace Systems contract details still need to improve, but Michael · announced that the British Royal Navy in Fallon; 8 new frigates built time arrangement is very confident, these frigates will be built on the Clyde River, will greatly promote the economy of Scotland. 26 global combat ship equipped with a "sea interceptor" air defense missile system, and can be equipped with a helicopter carrier, its main role will be to protect the British nuclear weapons equipped submarines will not be found by enemy ships. The missile system is medium and short range, mainly for defense, rather than attack. These frigates will be equipped with the most advanced radar and detection equipment, the future will guard the Navy’s two new aircraft carriers. But it’s not clear when the aircraft carrier will start service. Frigate is expected to be equipped with about 180 Marines, but has not yet announced the final figure. Britain is now in urgent need of these 26 frigates to replace the existing fleet of 13 frigates type 23. To build a global combat ship projects worth billions of pounds, parliament to use this project to boycott the Scotland government’s chief minister Nicola · sturgeonn threat, she said to the Scotland independence referendum second. "Our investment in Scotland is based on the fact that Scotland will remain in the UK," said the Minister of defense in the Gavin District of Glasgow." Michael · Fallon of shipyard workers said that the UK’s growing defense budget means that the government and British aerospace systems reached an agreement in principle, we will achieve the type 26 frigate construction target, and will start in the next summer". He said: we are investing in the construction of the world’s most advanced warships, I hope we can use this project to inspire the next generation, until 2035." Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章:

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