Blue Book last year, the registered urban unemployment rate of 4.05% the employment rate of graduate

Blue Book: last year, the registered urban unemployment rate of 4.05% the employment rate of graduates of 94.9%- Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to the Ministry website news, recently, the development of the labor security report sponsored by the Chinese Institute of labor and social security in the Chinese "(2016)" (2016 Chinese labor security Blue Book Conference). Blue paper pointed out that at the end of 2015 the total national employment reached 774 million 510 thousand people; the registered urban unemployment rate was 4.05%; the end of college graduates overall employment rate of 94.9%. 27 regions of the country to adjust the minimum wage, the average increase of the tune of 14.9%. Blue paper pointed out that the employment situation is generally stable, at the end of the total national employment reached 774 million 510 thousand people, more than 1 million 980 thousand people in 2014. Further optimize the employment structure, the first, the two or three industry employment accounted for 28.3%, respectively, 29.3%, 42.4%. Registered urban unemployment rate was 4.05%, slightly lower than in 2014 of 4.09%. A total of 57 thousand families to help zero employment families to achieve at least one person per household employment. College graduates at the end of the overall employment rate of 94.9%, the organization of the top 26 thousand college graduates to engage in the grassroots of the "one by one" service. The total number of migrant workers in the country at the end of 277 million 470 thousand. Human resources market to achieve the basic management, the initial establishment of the Ministry, provincial, city and county level Four through the market management system, human resource services continue to accelerate the development of. Skilled personnel continue to grow. Occupation qualification system reform deepening, 20142015 years, China canceled 272 occupation qualification licensing and approval. The blue book stressed that in 2015 the national social security system reform continued to deepen, the urban and rural social security system to further promote. The new rural old-age insurance system and urban residents pension insurance system integration, unified urban and rural residents pension insurance system. The implementation of the reform of the organs and institutions pension insurance system, the formation of workers and urban and rural residents two pension insurance system. The medical insurance system for urban residents has been established and improved constantly, and China has entered the era of universal medical insurance. Continue to expand the coverage of social insurance, basic medical insurance for the first time exceeded the growth rate of the number of basic pension insurance number growth rate at the end of 2015, the basic pension, basic medical care, urban unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance number reached 858 million and 666 million respectively, 173 million people, 214 million people, 178 million people. The social security fund total revenue is greater than the total expenditure of funds, income growth rate of 15.5%, expenditure growth rate of 18.1%. The level of social insurance benefits continue to improve, nearly 11 years of continuous adjustment of the basic pension for enterprise retirees, 2015 per capita GDP reached 2200 yuan; for the first time to raise the minimum standard of urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance pension, from 55 yuan per person per month increased to 70 yuan. Further enhance the ability of social insurance services, to the end of 30 provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps issued a unified national social security card, the construction of urban and rural residents in Xinjiang province and the 31 provinces.相关的主题文章:

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