Beijing network about the details of the car opinion passenger compartment pet drunken people polartec

Beijing network rules about car levy Views: passengers band pet   drunk; should be accompanied, car — original title: Beijing rules about car levy Views: passengers drunk pet band should be accompanied in the new information network reporter Jin Shuo photo according to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission website news, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission today issued "Beijing city network booking taxi business service management implementation rules (Draft)". "Draft" put forward, passengers are not allowed to bring pets and items affecting the health of the car ride, drunk car ride, there should be accompanied (guardianship) personnel. "The draft" clearly, the passenger shall comply with the following provisions: (a) do not carry inflammable and explosive, toxic and other hazards to public safety articles; (two) shall carry articles inside the car and pet health effects; (three) shall be made in violation of road traffic safety regulations to the driver (four); throw things out of the vehicle, shall destroy the facilities inside the car; (five) the drunk ride, there should be accompanied (care); (six) comply with the network about car service provision, travel in accordance with the agreed time and place; (seven) pay the fare in accordance with the provisions of. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章:

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