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Beijing morning news: personal hobbies can shield plagiarism – View – original title: personal hobbies can shield the parties into plagiarism neither engaged in teaching work, there is no scientific research task, copy number of papers far exceeds the required number of repeated title report, a PhD from South China Agricultural University modern technology education center experimental division Li Tao South China University of Technology has been revoked, the level of job promotion has also been halted. However, foreigners don’t understand is that although there have been found a dozen papers copied, but Li Tao is still in the normal work. The Chinese side responded that the school, Li Tao published an article of personal interests. ("new Express" October 13th) domestic plagiarism and other academic corruption, often regarded as moral defects rather than criminal acts, in the process also is "apologize", from the point of view of a large number of cases have been investigated, the most serious is revoked its cheat posts or titles, or research funding and will not face, clean up the results, more will not be limited because of the credit system. "Still in the normal work is in fact a" protective punishment". Published articles can be a personal hobby, but not as a means of plagiarism, otherwise it is easy to evolve into plagiarism is a personal hobby". The definition of its nature, not only with the relationship between teaching and research, but also a lot of plagiarism and other effects of published papers, such as the improvement of personal image, and in order to get other related interests, such as the project funds and obtain indirect promotion effect. If there is no precise positioning of plagiarism, and thus the expansion of the argument, then it is difficult to truly recognize its harm, and trigger a more severe disciplinary mechanism. As a kind of anti intellectual plagiarism behavior, whether it is based on a "hobby", or "occupation behavior", have consistency in danger, although because of the antecedents and not prosecuted, however, lost jobs and trade restrictions, it should become a normal rules. Personal hobbies as plagiarism shield Tuzeng sin, because of its direct relations off the behavior and consequences, to the formation of the connivance and excuse the fact, also lead to similar behavior repeated. If you can not fundamentally solve the value orientation bias, then under the indulgence of personal hobby, it will become a hotbed of academic corruption. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章:

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