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Beijing housing prices return to a high fever mode Hebei Yanjiao crazy house sold in July 1998, the State Council issued a policy to abolish the welfare housing distribution system, the introduction of housing distribution monetization. Since then, Chinese commercial housing prices began to leapfrog the hurricane. And keep up with the policy of the Chinese people, but also began chasing the price of the house to grab the fight. Beijing, is the war of the forward position, in this "forward position", there is no retreat, all the people are constantly forward charge…… After the Spring Festival this year, Beijing’s housing prices to return to the "high fever" mode, burned to the buyers can only use 1 minutes to decide whether to buy the price of seven or eight house; burn a lunch time, prices jumped; burning in Hebei Yanjiao to become Hebei real "leader"; Hebei Guan real estate license to burn kuangmai. Over the years, lost one million in order to pick up her daughter to go to school, in the bank to work, Mr. Zhang, intends to sell his house, in his parents to buy a suite in the district. Because the two residential housing prices not much difference between Mr. Zhang, in January this year to the real estate intermediary housing, real registration. Selling is very smooth, less than a week, Mr. Zhang to 4 million 500 thousand sell out the set of 62 square meters of small liangju. "I was happy at that time, because my heart was 4 million 300 thousand. I did not expect intermediary with people watching the house after house went out a call back, even the price are not yet, at that time on the final, then pay 150 thousand deposit on direct credit card!" Well after selling, Mr. Zhang has accelerated the pace of purchases, his wishful thinking is the Spring Festival in the new house. He is a set of 70 square meters total 5 million 100 thousand small Sanju selected, and pay 100 thousand deposit. Don’t want to go back a few days later, the landlord directly, the price raised to 5 million 400 thousand. Part two, the landlord is readily took out 50 thousand yuan of liquidated damages. With the Spring Festival approaching, Beijing prices have shown signs of rapid rise. Zhang also selected a total of 87 square meters of the total three bedroom 6 million 300 thousand. This time for the sake of insurance, Mr. Zhang paid a deposit of 500 thousand yuan. The two sides agreed, after a year, go to the relevant transfer procedures. The Spring Festival fireworks as Beijing prices starting gun, Beijing prices on a get out of hand. "Those days years ago I didn’t feel too well, found in intermediary linked housing prices show a jump in momentum." Mr. Zhang recalls. After the Spring Festival in Mr. Zhang’s always on tenterhooks, eager for a smooth transfer did not wish to happen. The landlord first bierbuxian, then dragged to sign the network, finally lets intermediary personnel to negotiate liquidated damages. Because there is no suitable housing area, Mr. Zhang insisted on fulfilling the contract. Do not want to, finally came to the court on the landlord’s personal asset preservation documents. Originally, the landlord couple began to "divorce"! In desperation, Mr. Zhang intends to go back to buy the first set of 70 square meters of the house. Which thought, after a spring festival, less than 30 days, the set of 70 square meters of the house has risen to 6 million of the. Mr. Zhang, a family of three, and parents can only squeeze in a set of 68 flat in the two bedroom, each holiday he and love.相关的主题文章:

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