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Northeast economic downturn: behind the foreign entrepreneurs emotion become the "Tang Seng meat" – Sohu news review expert analysis of the reasons, in addition to the industrial structure, the external economic environment, human factors can not be avoided: many foreign companies were identified as "Tang Seng meat", in a nice hobble. "Mom X, you must be the brain into the water, will choose to come to the Northeast company!" Not long ago, an article entitled "you must be the brain into the water will choose to open the company" in the northeast, in the network Mottaki, now at the northeast industrial estate slump, recession, debt, bureaucracy, economic bottom, financial distress…… Economic hard landing". Although the article has exaggerated words, but reflects the grim reality of the northeast economic downturn. 2015, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin provinces GDP growth ranked 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the first, the last third, the fourth. What happened to the Northeast? Many experts analyze the reasons, in addition to the industrial structure, the external economic environment, human factors can not be avoided: many foreign companies as the local Tang Seng meat, a dilemma. National School of Administration Professor bamboo house pulse: "only to strengthen the building of the government, to create a good political environment, the revitalization of the northeast economy will." "Beijing times" was informed that Heilongjiang governor Lu Hao specifically instructed the office of the provincial government, the article specially issued by the province’s municipalities, county government, provincial departments and bureaus units, require careful reading and research, and constantly optimize the development environment. In order to maintain business environment, the Northeast government departments are also under the ruthless hand, in the past 5 months, only in Heilongjiang Province, there are cadres of the economic development environment for the destruction of accountability. Business executives in a nice hobble: I can not afford to drag Yuan Chunyan in October 28, 2016, Heilongjiang province and Tokyo City Forestry Bureau (located in Mudanjiang city about the collapse of Ning’an). Yuan Chunyan has not remember how many times this is negotiation, but each part, she said, "I have some can not afford to drag." Yuan Chunyan company development projects. Figure Beijing time in Shanghai, Yuan Chunyan has an outstanding private entrepreneurs, the title of the enterprise’s industry involves many areas of optical fiber, electric vehicles, hotel services, etc.. In 2011, Yuan Chunyan as the children of Tokyo City Forestry Bureau, officials from Shanghai merchants are home to Tokyo City, registered Mudanjiang Hua Sheng Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Hua Sheng real estate company), investment in real estate development projects. Subsequently, due to the presence of a number of Tokyo City Forestry Bureau of discipline violations, Yuan Chunyan believes that it has brought huge losses, the two sides on the issue of compensation for multiple rounds of negotiations. Yuan Chunyan told the "Beijing time": "before, as long as the home to Shanghai, whether it is business or tourism, there is my foothold, see the hometown people feel warm, and I live in are all inclusive." Based on this, a lot of persuasion and brokered in home, she returned to his hometown of investment. January 10, 2012, Tokyo City Forestry Bureau and Huasheng Real Estate Company signed a "shantytowns agreement", the contract is as follows: Forestry Bureau相关的主题文章:

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