Another woman admitted that the whole micro buddies Wu Yingjie regularly play botulinum vstart

Another woman admitted that the whole micro buddies Wu Yingjie regularly play botulinum public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! After the upright Zheng Shuangmei paper, and double Yi a brave actress Ruo admitted to be beautiful for medical beauty greatly! This is the goddess real brave buddies Wu Yingjie down down down Wu Yingjie last month as a singer in China debut of Smecta buddies, generous recognition of face is delicate, because "regular Botox" micro whole. For years, he participated in the television program "Blackie" official debut, then she looks harmless, pure and lovely with stock silly effort, also to stay adorable adorable mud girl old feel the bar down here: in fact, so there is also doing yo compared affinity the girl and the early! Down down down Wu Yingjie old photos before the debut ever looks really good people, but false eyes come true after Yan value will up~ down down down before and after contrast of course this is not entirely due to plastic! Pseudo double eyelid is also possible with the upper eyelid loose after drooped and become really · double eyelid…… (such as double eyes are not necessarily what is good) then solo career seemingly buddies Everything is going smoothly. tepid, but in reality, in a lot of name of the play, but small but don’t remember her…… He starred in the Xia Bing years JiangMo who in the TV version of "the painted", the character is played by Sun Li. But, by Fiona Sit grabbed the limelight at ~ melody…… Fiona Sit Wu Yingjie, although Fiona Sit’s face also belongs to the meat, but wins in a pointed chin…… After he also starred in the TV series "young" four Mingbu, women in the series is Janine Chang. Well…… This is a story of rolling buns face down face down: Janine Chang and Wu Yingjie next appeared in the fire was not like the "Lu Zhen legend", the needless to say, is not to fire Zhao Liying. But do you think Zhao Liying is a real face? Zhao Liying, Wu Yingjie and Zhao Liying’s box with ghosts, thin face a circle of wood with ah?! Photo two people play outside the life according to the contrast is better then in the "sharp division benevolence", the value has been buddies Yan Liu Shishi’s relentless rolling down the lower face down Liu Shishi, Wu Yingjie generally buddies in recent years career is when the woman was not fire, but the fire scene forever is the actress…… The reason lies in the chubby face! Not long ago, to South Korea, "Yan plating" instantly became thin women face down down down Wu Yingjie now face lift needle so magical? A super convincing case before and after contrast before and after contrast after a face lift of the needle down here pretty small ghosts are not recognized! Only on the mole left Apple muscle on the confirmation of identity, but did not do moles…… Now the ghost is more than a thin face, facial features are three-dimensional many, although only admitted playing a face lift pin, but sharp eyed Xiao Bian also found other clues! Down down down the nose before and after contrast Yamane becomes higher, dorsal variable.相关的主题文章:

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