Analyst Mario run hand tour will exceed 1 billion 500 million times winfast

Analyst: "Mario run" Mobile Games download will be over 1 billion 500 million times "Mario run" according to technology blog VentureBeat reported last week, apple at the iPhone 7 conference, due to excessive spoilers, around the new characteristics of iPhone 7 did not bring much surprise to the outside world, it is Nintendo game designer Miyamoto Shige (Shigeru Miyamoto) and "run" Mario "(Super Mario Run)", the industry shines. On Friday, the game market research firm Kantan Games analyst sercan · (Serkan Toto); toto a copy of the latest report published by the "Mario", is expected to run the game during the life cycle of application downloads its iOS and Android versions will exceed 1 billion 500 million. It is reported that Nintendo Co will take the lead in December this year, iPhone and iPad users to launch iOS version of Mario run, and plans to release the Android version later. "Mario run" landing iOS platform, means that Nintendo game business will be a major change, this is because the company is using its most representative characters sent a clear signal to the industry: Nintendo has started to treat mobile business seriously. Investors to enter the field of hand travel generally optimistic about Nintendo: Apple iPhone 7 Conference on the same day, Nintendo shares soared 29%. The analyst Serkan of the "Mario" run the game analysis report also explains why Wall Street investors chasing Nintendo stock. Recent tour product downloads, can be "Mario run" to provide reference. Much love, game player market in 2012 "Metro Parkour (Subway Surfers) Mobile Games", its breakthrough downloads in 2015 1 billion. On Wednesday, Niantic, the game developer, said the Pokemon Go, which went on sale in July, reached 500 million. "Pokemon" Go game success and Nintendo has some connection, because the latter has the game publisher Pokmon 1/3 stake in the company, but we should not forget, "Mario" but the Nintendo Co run completely independent mobile devices for the launch of the first game. "Because" Mario run "is Nintendo’s first intelligent devices of the game, I expect the downloads can be achieved very good results," Serkan said, "as expected in the life cycle of the game, downloads from the global iOS and Android tablet, mobile phone users will exceed 1 billion 500 million times." The game in the end how to price, so that users big brains." Sercan · toto, "historically, Nintendo Japan in communication is very bad. While Miyamoto Shige at the apple Conference for the first time to show the game, there is no clear pricing of this part of the product to give a precise explanation." In view of the Nintendo "Mario" role of the star status, coupled with the "run" game start "free" strategy, and the future will have to face the global iOS and相关的主题文章:

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